Bliss Of Motherhood

Little did we know about the exceptional joy that motherhood can bring to me and my husband until Akyn came into our lives. We were both contended being a family with no kids and only the two of us were sharing our love together. Our mindset was whether we will be blessed to have a child or not conceiving a baby at all was totally fine with me and Mon. Adopting a baby was never an option for the two of us.☺ As a newlywed couple way back then, we used to enjoy traveling together with our friends, shopping for ourselves during... Read More

Thoughts About Blogging

Why I love blogging? I never knew blogging was my passion not until I started to launch my blog early this year. Blogging allows me to express myself more in writing especially those sentiments that I can't convey by way of talking to someone. It also makes me happy every time I can finish one article and share those things that may somehow touch someone's life. I am inspired when people would tell me that they continuously read every blog entry that I publish. This blog of mine is like a baby to me. I would want to nourish it by putting more... Read More

The Boomerang Effects of Helping

We were about to head home last night when Mon found an identification card left in one of those waiting benches for passengers. Our first reaction was of course to return it to its rightful owner but the question was how? The contact number listed on the back portion where the card can be reported as missing wasn't that readable. I still texted it merely by just guessing the numbers. We weren't sure if someone will respond to it or not. After a few minutes, an unknown number was calling me. I really hate answering unknown numbers thinking it maybe one of those sales calls... Read More

Rules For A Happy Marriage

One of our wedding gifts that I like most is this wooden wall frame with a meaningful message about keeping the married life strong. This was given to me by my college friend. Let me share you a picture of it. Wedding is a one day happy celebration of the formal union between lovers taking their vow in front of God, but after the ceremony it's when the real married life begins. Marriage isn't just about the honeymoon stage. It can't be compared to the fairytale stories in books we thought to be real when we were kids. Marriage needs to be fed by the couples... Read More