The Boomerang Effects of Helping

We were about to head home last night when Mon found an identification card left in one of those waiting benches for passengers. Our first reaction was of course to return it to its rightful owner but the question was how? The contact number listed on the back portion where the card can be reported as missing wasn’t that readable. I still texted it merely by just guessing the numbers. We weren’t sure if someone will respond to it or not.

After a few minutes, an unknown number was calling me. I really hate answering unknown numbers thinking it maybe one of those sales calls or telemarketing calls, yet I answered it anyway. The owner of the card was the caller. My guessing talent was commendable, haha.

Good thing his work place was at a short distance from the terminal where we at. Yes, the card was sent back to the owner. I felt happy seeing how thankful the owner’s reaction was, upon getting it.

Why am I sharing this? Not because I want to let the world know about that little kindness we did, but because I like to share the genuine happiness we felt after doing such act.

Benefits of helping

It has been proven scientifically that when we help others, some parts of our brain respond to it by releasing happy hormones which will entice you to do more acts of goodness. Not only that, when we touch other people’s life by creating a positive impact to them, it has somehow a boomerang effects towards us. It will  help us boost our mood and we tend to focus more on the positive things in life.

It’s a win-win situation I should say.

Helping in many ways

Helping others can be in any form not just about monetary assistance.

It can be as simple as lending a helping hand to a friend or to random strangers we will meet along the way without expecting anything in return for the favor.

Or assisting our spouse in doing household chores. Whenever Mon takes his precious time in helping me out in cleaning the house, though I know how busy he is at work, it allows me to feel more of his affection towards me. Helping has its magic in making our connection with our partners stronger.

Doing voluntary works for our community. My employer provides activities to do good-work jobs during our rest days for those who are willing to join. Apart from the main goal of being able to provide voluntary works, we have an opportunity as well to increase our circle of friends through meeting other participating employees coming from a different department. Nice idea to socialize, right?

These are just few of the examples but I know, there are a million ways we can do to restore the faith in humanity. We don’t need to be a rich to offer such gesture of kindness. A willing heart is more than enough to elicit the goodness in us. Also, every good deed we do, let’s not forget God is watching us. As per the book of Hebrew Chapter 6 Verse 10.

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.


Will you be happy to help someone too?☺



  1. Kang Akyn man na hand. 🙂

    1. Hahaha akyn and mine lol

  2. I love to hear accounts of good old fashioned kindness and honesty like this! Keep the goodness going forward!

    1. Thanks for taking time to read. ❤

  3. This post is just perfect ❤️ How true is it that the happiness rubs off on others around you? I love the feeling I get after seeing that I have made someone else’s day, even if it’s just by sharing a simple smile to a stranger! Yes, He does see our actions..Do unto others as you would have them do unto you ❤️

    1. Thank you Clair. ❤❤❤

  4. Funny. Just this week I committed to performing at least one random act of kindness every day. The problem is, I’ve been hanging out at a friend’s house in the suburbs while she’s away and there is literally nobody around. So far I’ve only been able to perform one act — I picked up a pile of dog poop that a negligent dog owner didn’t pick up! I look forward to performing more rewarding acts of kindness soon.

    1. So nice to hear that. Each act of goodness will surely make a difference

    2. So nice to hear that for each of goodness will surely make a difference

  5. I’m the President of my Mom Club and I’m always trying to help out mamas and women in our community. Paying it forward is so important to me.

    1. Thanks Chelsea for being an inspiration to all Moms out there

  6. I agree that kindness does have a profound affect. I am trying to teach this to my daughter to help her and i know it will set her up well for the future.

    1. Thanks Angela for reading. That’s wonderful inculcating good deeds to the little ones as early as possible.

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