Spontaneity Of Unplanned Trips

We’ve decided to spend our Sunday by strolling around the city together with our baby boy. The only day we are always excited to come. Why? Because it’s solely the day when we are both free to spend quality time with our toddler. No work to worry about, no schedules plotted to comply, happy to say we got a complete FREEDOM for Sunday. Thank you Lord!

Nothing specific was planned for our itinerary. All we were certain to do was to enjoy the day or to buy something for ourselves. This is something nice about unplanned trips which I find less complicated due to it’s spontaneity. You go wherever your feet wanted to with no meticulous plans to follow. Isn’t that exciting?☺

On our way to the city, we happened to ride a PUJ where there were no other passengers aside from the three of us. It felt like we own the vehicle enjoying the ride with a Westlife music playing. Do you also like listening to the 90’s song? I definitely love listening to the 90’s music over and over again as it reminds me with my childhood. It brings back the memories of being young.


We took a photo and had several shots. My child was cooperative enough to help me get the best shots for him. Perfect! No one’s looking anyway except the driver. We really didn’t mind him. Well, pretty sure he didn’t care about what we were doing either. I’m happy to enjoy the moment of being together.


Surprisingly, I’ve realized something during that precious instance. Special moments can be experienced even in the simplest form of being together. We don’t need to spend a lot to be happy. Being happy depends on you and how you savor the experience. It doesn’t always matter on how much you spend to get the ultimate feeling of being complete. Agree?

My happy kid’s contagious smile. We told him to smile and he give this cute smile every time.


Exactly noon time when we arrived to the city. Unfortunately we missed the mass for eleven A.M. So, instead of waiting for the next mass by two P.M, we had lunch first, then went ahead with city roaming to get our feet in action.

What’s your son’s favorite fast food restaurant? Ask my son and you’ll get the same answer for the restaurant of his choice, it’s JOLLIBEE! The huggable red bee with chubby cheeks has captured the heart of most Filipino kids. I was once part of his fans and is still a fan of Jollibee.

His face after satisfying his hunger.☺ Totally hilarious!

I am not exactly sure what he is trying to portray.☺

We wrapped up our day by attending the holy mass. Do you know what’s so beautiful with last Sunday’s reading? It talked about love where everyone can relate to. When one of the scribes came to Jesus and asked him, “Which is the first of all the commandments?” And God replied to him, “To first love God and second is to love your neighbors as yourself.”

The priest explained it in a manner on how can we prove we are following His teachings. Then he asked if honoring the Sabbath day would be enough to show how much we Honor Him. Will praising Him during the mass suffice the love HE asked us to give Him?

He further explained by stating loving someone would mean taking action to let the person feel it and not just in words. Simply means loving is more in action and not just a verbal affirmation of your feelings.

Before the next part of the mass after the homily, Mon gave me a quick glance and said while smiling,” love is more in action and not just in words.

Noted my love. I know I’ve been persistent in asking you how much do you love me while you keep on insisting your love isn’t something measureable to explain. I get it now on why you can’t find the exact words to quantify your love. But please be aware I can see your efforts to answer my questions.

I so love my Sunday! 😘

Let me end this post with this line,” Say more I love you’s but double the effort to express it.

Have a great week ahead from the three of us.👪



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