I thought that keeping mum would help you get away from conflict. Well I’m wrong. It’s not true because if we do, people will start putting words into our mouth that we’ve never said, labeling actions we’ve never done, accusing thoughts we’ve never thought of at all. Cruel world where we are living. Whether we keep our distance from NEGATRONS or choose to negate with their opinions about us, there will always be something they will discuss against you in their own little circle of friends. In instances like this what would you normally do? For me, I’d rather find a new environment free from toxicity. I won’t make myself suffer by enduring the stress of being in wrong the crowd. There is no reason to stay if we aren’t happy at ALL.

This is just a recent observation of mine pretty Mommas about being too quite. LOL. Anyway, on the brighter side of the world, I finished my straight five nights shifts both from the hospital and from my second workplace. God thank you for giving me strength. A bit tired but happy for the blessing of still having a job amidst the pandemic as others might be having troubles now of looking for somewhere else to work. Hoping they could regain their finances soon.

Talking about finances, I’m starting to be conscious with recycling stuff instead of throwing them into the bin straight away. It’s my own way of saving a dime and helping mother earth. No need to purchase if I can reuse items, isn’t it? Got a new package from our recent Amazon order enclosed in this sturdy packaging.

Transformed the envelope into a more personalized one with my crafty talents activated. (wink)

and the front part of it.

More vibrant looking, isn’t it? I’m quite proud on how it turned out to be. Yay! Done with my little project. The sun is up for my rest days which would mean a perfect time to be out now. Got some lovely photos under the sun with my favorite companies for life.

The past few weeks were not as beautifully as sunny as now. We better take advantage of today.

I’m definitely a summer lover. Missing my sunny country where I originally came from. Hoping everything will be back to normal so we can visit home again.

Good morning lovely fellas.


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