Sister’s Birthday

Happiest birthday to my beautiful sister. We got so many reasons to celebrate her birthday today. Another gift of life to enjoy the love of our family. We are so much thankful she was safe as she was approaching her natal day. If you’ve read my previous post about one of our dearest friend who recently passed away, she was my sister’s closest co-teacher. They were always together wherever they go. It just so happened during the accident my sister has an appointment for her Masters Class. If not, she could have gone with the same vehicle where Ma’am Daisy... Read More

Happy 2nd Birthday Akyn ( December 30,2017)

“Your baby is experiencing a fetal distress and your blood pressure reading is way to high above normal.” “We may need to proceed with an emergency Caesarian Section instead of risking you and your baby’s life with the Normal Delivery,” worried advise from my Doctor. This was me and my baby’s experience 2 years ago. When we thought everything was fine but it turned out to be quite a tough road for the both of us. My labor pain almost took me 24 hours of enduring it. Have you heard about the quote that says,"You’ll never know how strong you... Read More

Three Decades

Imagine when you’re writing a story and you’re almost done finishing the end part of your novel, suddenly you decided to stop and discard everything that you’ve started because you think nobody’s interested with your piece. After a few minutes, you’ll try to make another story again and the cycle continues. That’s what I am feeling as of the moment, cancelling all my plans for my weekends and creating another plan again. I was a bit exhilarated to celebrate one of the days I think is special to me. I’ve been planning several preparations to enjoy it since the first... Read More

A Special Day For My Little Sissy

I consider myself blessed for having a sister to whom I can count as my best friend and my loyal confidant since we were young. We’ve been through a lot and we courageously managed to overcome all those struggles in life. She is always there when I badly need a companion to comfort me during my weakest. When I am celebrating a victory for an event, she’s my number one fan and my cheerleader. We aren’t a perfect sibling, we fight and get annoyed with each other’s differences, but at the end of the day, we’ve learned how to compromise for... Read More