Keep Your Head Up

My feet was moving nonstop as the day progressed during my last shift. Not yet done with the first task and there came another Doctor’s order for me to comply. It was a never ending completion of jobs to finish on that day. I didn’t mind at all doing lots of orders. However, I felt terribly shattered.

I’m always carrying a little candle within my heart firing with enthusiasm believing my day will be absolutely fine no matter how busy the ward is. Heavy workload isn’t new to me anymore. My resilience to it is already proven unbeatable. What usually affects me at work is the attitude of the people I’ll be spending my day with. My burning candle of positivism got put out because of too much whining heard from someone. I thought I could beat the negativity but no. I got swallowed whole.

Little did I realize I started to felt miserable. If I could only write all my hurts on what happened that day I would gladly do it. I’ll instead describe my last shift as extremely emotionally horrendous. As I finally stepped out of the hospital releasing a big sigh of relief with tears starting to well up in my sight. A voice then caught my attention asking, “Hey are you alright?”

Pull yourself together Mich! A patient’s relative shouldn’t see you in this state. Had to force a smile saying,”Yes I’m fine!” Felt sorry for not asking in return how he was doing. I must be  too caught up with my unsettled sentiment.

One of the struggles of working abroad is the fact that you got nobody to share how your day was. You face your own battle ALONE. Can you imagine how terrifying that could be? Kept myself warm under my thick blanket activating my lacrimal duct to shed whatever angry demons fighting inside within me.

Lesson learned: If you have nothing nice to say, please keep it to yourself rather than spreading your horrible mood to affect someone’s peace of mind.

Tomorrow’s going to be another beautiful day. Never forget to convince yourself to see hope after every defeat because it can help you keep your head up from getting drowned with the world’s toxicity. Oh Thank God because today is my rest day.

I planned to spend it shopping for my basic home necessity moving to a new accommodation. Gosh I found my happy pill finally! It has always been my priority to have my own place to stay with nobody else to tell me what I have to do, no need to adjust to anyone else’s likes, no worries how to act accordingly. I can simply be the crazy me free from other’s prying eyes.

My contract is about to expire this September for this shared house I’m staying. Yey! Here in the UK if you’re going to let a room or any sort of place to stay, there is a contract you need to comply for the length of stay. Also, if you want to view a room, an appointment is required to get booked. You can’t just barge in to the landlord without prior notice. See how organized and at the same time, tedious their process of moving in is.

My first shop destination was to Boyes in Hessle Road with cheap household items. This store never failed to amaze me. I found one of the things included in my list, a duvet. Do you know duvet comes in different Tog? Before purchasing it, did some research on what Tog means. It’s like a thermal measurement for textile. Wow! Good to know information. A 10.5 Tog should be fine to give me comfort during cold nights.


Walked along Hessle Road on my own to check few more items on my list. Hopefully by the moment I will be ready to move in to my new lair all things are ready. Wish me luck pretty Mommas. I can’t wait to start living on my own.



Hasta La Vista.





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