Valentine’s Day 2021

A bit late for this post for our Valentine's Day celebration because I'm trying to catch up with everything pretty Mommas. How was your heart's day everyone? Mine started with going to work for a long day. Haggard, well yeah. I initially had it scheduled as my annual leave however, my manager requested if I could move my leave and be on shift on a weekend due to staffing issues. Usual problem on a hospital setting, I know! A week before the 14th of February, I've already told Mon to skip my favorite bouquet of flowers for this year and... Read More

The Approval

It took me an hour to convince my toddler to let me borrow Dellia (my laptop) so I can start blogging again. That’s the life of a mom, most of the time, you need to adjust your planned schedules when your child is requesting you to stop doing anything and just focus your attention to him. Who can say no to your cutest source of joy? How did you all spent your Valentine’s Day? One thing I love about the Valentine’s Day is the fact that we can express our love to someone without the fear of getting labeled as... Read More

Surprise In A Box

Last night’s congestion of traffic was so terrible as always expected during Valentine’s Day and it happened to be the Ash Wednesday as well of the Catholic calendar. That simply means a busy city for Cebu. I plotted a vacation leave but cancelled it at the last minute thinking I got nothing to do at home, so better save my allocation for my time off request. I'm busy making money while others are enjoying their awesome day. Bummer! Because Heart’s Day was just around the corner last week, I started hinting Mon on what type of gifts I was expecting.... Read More

My Sweet Valentino

A week before Valentine’s Day, I told Mon I filed for a vacation leave for February 14. I didn’t feel like going to work during Valentine’s day not because I will be going on a date, but because I didn’t like to get caught in a traffic jam. He laughed at me when he knew that I filed for a time off request from work and said, "Are you planning going on a date somewhere with me?” “Those things are just for new lovers,” he added with a smirk on his face. I got irritated with his statement and instead... Read More