The Approval

It took me an hour to convince my toddler to let me borrow Dellia (my laptop) so I can start blogging again. That’s the life of a mom, most of the time, you need to adjust your planned schedules when your child is requesting you to stop doing anything and just focus your attention to him. Who can say no to your cutest source of joy?

How did you all spent your Valentine’s Day? One thing I love about the Valentine’s Day is the fact that we can express our love to someone without the fear of getting labeled as so cheesy. I mean, it’s a love month, everybody is doing it to express their feelings. No hiding of love quotes anymore lovebirds.

You can say, “I love you from the deepest part of my hypothalamus.”(not that romantic to say but it totally made sense) without any inhibition. Yey!

My Valentine’s day for this year didn’t include any flowers, chocolates or special dates like we used to do. Yes, we had a family dinner but it wasn’t as fancy like a planned romantic dinner. I’ve received my presents from Mon before the 14th of February. So I’m not really expecting anything to get from him.What made it unforgettable was when I was notified regarding the confirmation of my VISA application was approved and it’s finally ready to be claimed from the VFS office in Cebu. This news was way better than any bouquet of roses or even a dozen of sweet treats can’t be compared to how it made me happy upon knowing I can finally claim my Visa.

Is this really my new career beginning? Perhaps, this is really it. I brought my Akyn with me when I claimed it from the office on a rainy day. The rain poured as strong as my mixed emotions of happiness and at the same time, I’m getting this separation anxiety again. The thought of leaving my family to work away from home always makes me teary. They said it’s normal for a mom to feel that way.

Life is indeed a game of emotions. Sometimes, it will require you to sacrifice to gain a better result for your future. ( Sigh)I can do this!

Our agreement with Akyn was to visit his favorite playhouse if he will behave for the entire day. The obedient little man followed me without any questions. He’s determined to get the agreed prize.

Here he is smiling from ear to ear. Not bothered with the bad weather.


We still got one coupon left for a free play at Dave’s Fun House. I only paid less than a hundred because of it. One happy Momma and baby here.



New set of colorful balls. They only had blue and white balls before.



I’ll miss moments like this. I had a serious conversation with Akyn which turned out to be hilarious instead.

Me: What if mommy will work away from home, will you still love me?

Akyn: Opo, I’ll go with you.

Me: Baby isn’t allowed to go yet. Maybe next time you can.

Akyn. Okay thank you next thank you next ( he started singing Ariana Grande’s song)

My baby knew how to inject humor to lighten up the mood of our discussion. I better start checking what to pack now. Have a nice Monday pretty Mommas.

By the way, if you want to make sure you won’t exceed your luggage maximum weight allowed, you can buy this luggage weighing scale. Mon bought it in J Centre Mall Mandaue City. We found one in SM City department store but was a bit pricey. So far, this one is the cheapest we’ve found.



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