My Sweet Valentino

A week before Valentine’s Day, I told Mon I filed for a vacation leave for February 14. I didn’t feel like going to work during Valentine’s day not because I will be going on a date, but because I didn’t like to get caught in a traffic jam.

He laughed at me when he knew that I filed for a time off request from work and said, “Are you planning going on a date somewhere with me?” “Those things are just for new lovers,” he added with a smirk on his face. I got irritated with his statement and instead of telling him the real reason why I was going on a vacation leave, I rebutted and told him, “Married couples CAN and MUST still go on a date not just during Valentine’s Day, to keep the spice alive in their relationship.”

He didn’t take my reply seriously and continued working on his task facing his laptop. He looked so absorbed with what he was reading on the screen, so I didn’t continue bugging him with our discussion about going on a DATE for married couples.

Three days before Valentine’s Day, I asked him about any plans he made for Lover’s day. He answered my question with a question. He asked me if what would I like to receive from him. I told him not to give me a bouquet of flowers because it’s too expensive and impractical. I know it’s the thought that counts in receiving flowers but I still don’t like him to spend money for something that will eventually wither. I told him chocolates would do but it may add to my body fats I am trying to trim down.

After a few minutes of thinking on what I wanted to receive from him, I finally told him  I wasn’t sure what I would like to have. He simply replied, “So let’s just not prepare anything, anyway we have Akyn to make our day sweeter,” and gave me his playful laugh.

We weren’t able to spend Valentines Day together. I went to my parents’ house to support my sister as a coach for Taekwondo participating Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVIRAA 2017) held in City of Naga Cebu. Mon just called me early in the morning to greet me. I asked him again if he has any plans made for that day. I am quite tenacious when I want something done. He said that he got something for me that was why he called. I was delighted to know about his preparations. He then said, “I want to give you my PURE and EVERLASTING LOVE.” I could hear his giggles on the other line. I replied,”Ok I love you too.” But after hanging up from the line, I was a bit upset thinking  he didn’t exert any effort for a special day for us to celebrate it. I am a sentimental person and I want to cherish each moments we have together.

I never let the day pass without letting him know about how I felt. I always made it sure to confront him with my emotions whenever I feel unsettled. It’s how we resolve conflicts in our relationship. If I want to let my husband get my message, I approach him using a loving confrontation and not thru shouting or demeaning him. Believe me, if you will start your conversation with assassinating your partner’s character and stabbing him right to his emotions, you will not get to resolve the problem.

A person who quickly gets angry causes trouble. But a person who controls his temper stops a quarrel. (Proverbs 15:18)

After carefully choosing the words to let him understand as to where I was coming from, Praise God, he confirmed that he was able to get my MESSAGE.♥

Last night when he came home from his work commitment. He was bringing a large red gift perfectly wrapped. I thought he bought another toy for Akyn. He normally does that for our only boy. When I opened it, I saw this bag I’ve been eyeing for months. I was hesitant to purchase it (too expensive for my budget) and now I finally have it. Yes! I still got my Valentine’s Day present.☺


Thank you for listening to my sentiments and for treating me extremely well. I love you Teddy.


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