The Negative Sign

We finally made up our mind to request for a change of  our broadband/landline  provider two months ago because of some problems with the intermittent interruption with the service. Almost every two weeks our internet connection wasn’t working due to  stolen cable wires. I would understand it was not the fault of the telecommunication company, however, I also don’t think that it should be the customer who  shall  suffer the consequence. So, this must the end of our almost six years relationship with my broadband provider. Everything has an end! ☺Lol.

The conversation with them went smoothly when I requested for the cancellation. I was provided with the right expectation on when my last bill was going to be made available. After three weeks, I got my statement with slightly lower than my usual bill. Perfect! I thought that was the end of the process. I paid higher than what the bill was asking for thinking if there will be any additional cost after the statement then my payment shall cover the rest of it.

A month after, another bill came and so with the next month but this time the more I paid it, I noticed the bill doubles after each payment. This can’t be right. I gave them a ring to clarify why I still continue to receive a bill for a closed account. With all the troubles experienced on their automated system, I successfully managed to speak to a live person. The struggle was real Mommas! The representative sounded so accommodating which made me forget a little bit of my frustrations. Good customer service can really  make a difference even if how bad the situation was. Of course, who can afford to be mad if you’re speaking with someone who can pacify your disappointments.

She checked my account and it turned out it was actually part of my fault on why their system automatically generates the bill. The amount posted on the statement showed a NEGATIVE sign written just before the exact figure which means it was a credit. I didn’t owe them any dime. Duh! It was the other way around. Because of me who diligently paid the bills monthly, my overpayment accumulated making the numbers doubled after each month.

I had to request for a refund for my cancelled account. That was the only way I can get my money back. They offered me two options to get the credit. It was either I’ll ask for a refund cheque or if I have someone I know as an existing customer of their service to have the credit applied to their account as a payment. Unfortunately,  the former is my choice for receiving my credit.

Glad I got my answers regarding my concern. Their bill was quite baffling.(eyes rolled) It showed credits but it also stated “PAY IMMEDIATELY” written in bold letters. I was like, “WHAT EXACTLY WOULD YOU WANT ME TO DO????

A lesson learned for me to keep in mind that any statements showing a negative amount most of the time it means a credit on the account regardless on the following scripts written on the bill. The bill is auto generated. Almost all of the businesses have this computer based confusing scripts often times are misleading which are automatically sent. It would be best to clarify from their customer service first before paying anything to save us from giving an overpayment.

I’m just waiting now for the releasing of the money. Finally! I deserve a break and a snack. I got this from SM. Tasty enough to remove unwanted anger. hahaha

Vegetable Lumpia (P20.00) Cassava Cake (less than P200.00)


That’s all my drama for today beautiful world.


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