The Power of Positive Thinking

When I was about to take my National Board Exam for Nurses, my professor shared to us about the power of positive thinking. According to him, if you keep on thinking of something that you really wanted to achieve, there is a great chance that you will have it in the long run.  He taught us the formula for achieving one’s goal, which includes  positive thinking plus the right attitude. Right attitude means you also need to work hard to earn it. Setting a goal  without hard work isn’t a goal at all, but a WISH. I applied that formula in setting my goals in life.

I was still studying when I started setting a goal for myself. Before I will reach the age of 30, I should be able to own a house, be it mortgaged house or Nipa hut. I didn’t care about the interior or exterior design of the house as long as it is going to be MY house.

I looked for a job right after passing the board exam and was fortunately hired, after a week of job hunting. That was how determined I was to save money for my dream home.

While I was lazily browsing my news feed, I saw my previous manager posted online about Rent to Own houses  which were still Presell (To sell (a house, for example) in advance of construction). Only five thousand Philippine Peso was needed for the reservation. You can move in after paying the amount. I said,” Wow, this could be the answer to my dream home!” I contacted my manager about the details of getting a unit. I got approved for a home mortgage last 2012 @ the age of 24.

These are the pictures of the bare unit of the house before  the renovation.

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Sharing you the double screened door pictures. I and Mon changed our jalousies window into a sliding window. The  total cost was about 12k (for your reference of the expenses) for 1 screened door and 1 sliding window. It only took one day to finish the job. Amazing!

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The built-in cabinets under the stairs  that I requested, added beauty to the living room and saved a lot of space. I bought a large mirror for the living room too. It created an illusion to make the room look bigger. It also reflected the lights to make the living room brighter during the day and night. The mirror cost 400.00 Php for the frame alone and 2,000 Php for the mirror. I couldn’t specify the expenses for the built-in cabinets, it was part of the kitchen renovation cost.

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Tiles for the stairs with my favorite doll, Chimita.

Stairs with Chimita

Our first  pieces of furniture @home.


L Shaped Sofa

Home sweet home


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