The Roman Baths Family Trip

It’s always a busy day following the arrival from a family get away. From all the accumulated laundry to do plus the organizing of all the travel stuff used arranging them to where they needed to be put back in the house and the list continues. Is that something us pretty Mommas can relate to? I’m glad we left the house on it’s immaculate state giving me less work to clean up after our holiday.

We’ve just arrived from our UK Bath family outing. Did take advantage of Akyn’s school break so the three of us can travel without worrying he’s got to come to school the next day or us dreading for another busy day at work. It’s a great chance to get some time off from our demanding work loads. Nothing compares to the happiness of spending time together with our family everytime an opportunity arises.

I’ve planned for this holiday since December of 2021. If you want to get the best deals for a travel package, it’s cheaper if we book our trip months ahead from the travel schedule. We opted for a package which includes our transport with the hotel accomodation. Stopped in London for our lunch then hopped back to continue to our destination.

I would recommend this Turkish restaurant, Melissa’s Kitchen just across the Victoria Coach Arrival terminal. Service is fast for travelers who are in a hurry to catch their schedules and the food is great as well.

My boy loves the ambience saying it looked like a scene in the Encanto movie (his new film obsession) with loads of flower decorations. It’s all fake flowers though but they still elevate the restaurant’s aesthetics.

Akyn and I got our favorite fish and chips all cleared up in few minutes.

Mon ordered his vegetarian burger with chips.

Because we are traveling with a six year old boy, our comfort during the entire stay is a must to be prioritized. Stayed in Holiday Inn inclusive of bed and breakfast. Our location is about ten minute walk to the city centre where most of the tourist attractions are located next to each other.

Our daily kind of breakfast. Breakfast starts at half past six in the morning so as early as seven we are already eating to get all our schedules done for our short trip.

If traveling with kids taking ages to finish eating like my Akyn, it’s better to start early breakfast to avoid rushing them to eat.

Our first on the list to visit is the Roman Bath. When we arrived there wasn’t any queue at all around nine in the morning. Visitors have an option to book online to avoid the queue, however, in our case we just came early to get accomodated. It’s much better to visit with less people giving us more chances to enjoy the place on our own. More photos to take without much photobombers in the background,too.😂

This is me preparing for my OOTD for the day. Bet you know it that in every travel escapade the OOTD’s of us pretty Mommas is very much important. LOL😂 I’m wearing my thrifted wool skirt posted in my previous thrift haul blog. Can you guess it only cost two pounds for that look?

On the entrance of the Roman Bath, this is the scenic view that greeted us. Oh well!

We can also see part of the Bath Abbey situated next to the Roman Bath.

Spent around forty pounds for two adults and one child entrance fee. I would say the amount is worth it. The Roman Bath is so amazing to see especially for kids. They will surely enjoy it.

They lent us a little phone where we can press the numbers to hear the historical background of each place inside the Roman Bath. Akyn had so much fun listening to it.

Everything seemed so picturesque even their toilets were.😂

Look at that! A coffin made of stone!

The Roman Bath trip is my Akyn’s favorite among the places we visited in Bath. No wonder why!

I’ll blog the rest of the tourist spots we’ve been to in separate posts. We’re very much thankful for the good weather although it’s winter but thy good Heavens blessed us with clear skies there. Still elated for the wonderful trip we had.

Cold morning pretty Mommas!


  1. Sounds like a beautiful and fun trip the food also Looked super tasty too!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. This looks like a beautiful and memorable trip! I love all the photos you include here!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. What a great trip!! I look forward to big international traveling again, we took a long break cuz we have 3 young kids, and then pandemic, but now they’re 6, 6, 9 and i think we’re *almost* ready to get back to exploring the world like this! So exciting!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

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