Treat To Myself

Few hours left before Christmas, it is. Many are in a rush doing holiday shopping. Kitchens are all smelling with delightful food prepared for the family gathering tonight. Everyone seems busy while here I am all tucked in my bed completing this post before I’ll head to work tonight. Chill mode activated!

I’m done wrapping with all my presents last night, anyway. So I really got nothing to get myself busy with. As they said Christmas is about sharing with what you have, a time when generosity overflows. I just love it. Nothing beats with my favorite time of the year. After completing your list on who you need to give your gifts to, have you also thought about preparing something for your hardworking self? Let us not forget about how often we need to treat the selfless us tired of working, stressed but still fighting for a better future of those we love.

The love of my life, my reason for working hard. Insert Ann, Eric and Papa. My Akyn’s first Christmas party in school.


I am workaholic and I am definitely admitting it without hesitation. It’s how my cells are programmed since I started working after completing college. It’s a happy feeling knowing you are earning from your own sweat, isn’t it? However, I’ve realized that working alone without rewarding ourselves can cause us to feel getting burned out from our job. It’s like working with no happiness, no excitement. This famous tag line that says,”work hard but play harder” is the simplest way to remind the working class to have a work and life balance. Agree?

Last month I rewarded myself with a travel to London for my birthday. A long time dream finally made realized exactly on my special day. Happiest and memorable are the best descriptive words to express how I felt about it.

What about this month? What plans are in my plate? Pretty sure you got more list than I have especially if you are with your family. Because I will be spending my Christmas alone for the first time I don’t want to remind myself about the sad reality. I’d rather go and attend gatherings to be surrounded by people who may not be related by blood to me but treats me well like I am a part of their family.

From left to right: Bea and her Husband Jerico, Yancy, Lief , then the pretty me lol. and Michio

They are few of my closest friends here spending a lunch together just before the closing of the the year 2019. They’ve made my year a bit bearable amidst the distance I have from home.

Haven’t eaten breakfast to prepare my tummy for the all-you-can-eat lunch. LOL These photos never failed to activate my salivary glands.





Apart from social gatherings, I bought something I’ve been wanting several months ago. Meet my new blog photo companion. Tandadann.


With so much love I have in posing for photos (too much love for selfies,ey) and taking shots, I got torn between buying a camera or a phone as my Christmas present for me. But then my husband said it’s about time to change my five year old android phone. Yes, that’s how stingy I am when buying gadgets. It takes me ages before deciding to change it. In buying a phone my first question in order for me to choose which unit I should be getting is, “What is the main feature am I looking for?” In my case, I want a phone with a nice camera.

So far Huawei P30 Pro is one of the top phone model with a splendid camera feature. I tried maneuvering its camera setting and it has almost the same editing stuff like a real camera photo. Equipped with amazing photo lens and has a very detailed shot output. It charged so fast but its battery life last longer even after several usage of it throughout the day. This post is not a paid advertisement about Huawei P30 Pro just want to make it clear. LOL. Rather, this is an honest review from a satisfied customer. Hope it may help you decide as well if you’re planning to buy one.


I am thankful for this year’s blessings. My heart is firing with hope and excitement for the unfolding of happiness in the coming months. Have a joyous Christmas everyone.

Merry Christmas.


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