Trick Or Treat

One of my favorite celebrations every year is the All Saint’s Eve or the Halloween. When I was young, I always look forward for the event to come for I am excited to watch horror films. Most of the movies shown on TV during Halloween include stories about paranormal experiences, ghosts and scary creatures which were all my favorite genres to watch. Funny thing was after watching it, I would spend several hours before I could sleep well. I was bothered with the fear of being attacked with those imaginary monsters. My Mama reprimanded me for being silly watching frightening scenes making me almost sleepless at night. It was like a self-inflicted horror experience but I still loved the feeling of being scared watching.

I am thankful that I don’t have the capabilities of seeing real ghosts.  I will lose my sanity if I can experience paranormal events. I enjoy watching them ONLY on TV but not in real life. Who would want to see a floating bloody image watching you? Can you imagine how creepy it is?

Today, I exposed my toddler to celebrate Halloween Company Sponsored Trick or Treat event for the first time. The theme was about Fantasy creatures (not that scary). So, I was thinking between a Minion or a Stitch costume for him. Because I couldn’t decide which one to buy, I ended up buying both. He can wear them in any occasion anyway. Both outfit  looked cute on him (mother being biased with the comment lol).

He looked so scared witnessing my Managers dolled up like an unknown character from another planet.

My boys ready to have some fun for the first time.


Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland ?


The Ice Queen from Narnia. ??
The Evil Witch who scared him the most. ???


The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland


Treats from the the Disney Princess♥
The Smiling Scarecrow
The Creative Fantasy Characters for Halloween
My Cute Little Stitch posing with Mickey Mouse


Happy Halloween everyone.


  1. cute costumes akyn.. where did you buy this?

    1. Thank you Tita Berns Mwaaahh.-from Akyn with Love ♥

  2. Wow Baby Akyn! You look so cute with that outfit. Hugs and kisses for our only boy. I’ll be visiting there very soon

    1. Hello Tita Ann. We will visit there pretty soon. We miss you too.

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