Witty Toddler Conversation

I am trying to find ways to teach my child how to do some basic art work like coloring his newly bought coloring books using either crayons or his water color. I haven’t enrolled him to play groups just yet. Next year will still be our target for him to start going to school. Perfect time when he will be officially three years old. Excited!

For our home activity, I drew a big fish in a white empty paper and gave him instructions to fill the inside portion of the fish with colors. He was so eager to apply his creativity during the first part of our coloring session. After a few minutes of him shading the inner part of the drawing, I noticed him changing directions. He started shading the bottom part of the paper which was empty.

A bit curious on why he didn’t follow my instructions as I clearly told him where to shade. “That’s no longer the inner part of the fish you are now coloring.” Me attempting to stop him from not following my directions.

“Ang dagat di ay?” ( What about the sea?) he confidently answered me while continuing to shade the bottom part with a blue crayon.

Seriously, I was about to insist my point but opted to widen my logic instead. Right, where do you think the fish can mostly be found? Yes, he got me when he said he also needed to shade the sea. Why haven’t I thought about it? You’re a clever little man with so many surprises to make Mommy and Daddy caught completely off guard.

Aside from his quick-witted style of reasoning, he also has his peculiar way of describing things. While watching my Mama’s favorite local TV series every night, he suddenly released a loud but not smelly fart not just once, not twice but three times. It cracked us all up on how a tiny body can be capable of giving such a powerful sound.

“Who did that?” Me trying to play dumb asking my toddler as if I got no idea it was him obviously.☺

“Akyn fart kay loading, download pa Daddy Fart Akyn,” an honest direct to the point answer from my toddler. How did he manage to incorporate technical terms to the way he released those three consecutive farts like he was downloading a game app taking time for the completion of it? You’re guess is as good as mine!

A two year old toddler can make us mommies speechless most of the time. I’m sharing you my witty discussion with my little boy to make you smile today. Bet you got some mommy and baby bonding moments too which are interestingly entertaining. They are our happy pills making our everyday life happier even with all the stresses we encountered considering the responsibilities of being a mom. Have you felt that kind of magic they bring to us when they can instantly remove the negativity by just simply hearing them laugh? My son’s laughter is my favorite music to my ears.

I love you baby. I’m looking forward for lots of funny conversations with you.


P.S. What you see in this photo are both the output and the effort. You can clearly view me  in the reflection in an uncomfortable position while wearing dress just to get this best shot from my cooperative baby during photo shoot. Lol☺

More photo sessions from my darling.☺



  1. He’s so adorable! Toddlers can really surprise us in their funny little ways. A sweet stage for us Moms to enjoy being with them.

    1. Thanks Lilian for dropping by. ☺

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