Woody Finally Arrived

As promised to update you once our Disney Woody toy for Akyn will arrive, I’m happy to let you know we finally received the package. Yey! The good reviews from the previous buyers were really true. Mon and I were both expecting the toy to be a little bit smaller like the photo provided but we were surprised receiving an actual sixteen inches delivery height of Woody. Their product description exactly matched with the actual item.


I’ll provide the summary photo for the brief description of it from the merchant’s website. You can try to check with Lazada.ph or with Shopee.ph to compare the price range. Different sellers quote contrasting prices for it. Kindly do more scrolling to get the best offer because some of them may place the toy on sale again just like what we had. For your reference it cost between P900 as the cheapest and the most expensive one we found was about P10,000. So, good luck and get the most affordable rate as much as possible.



Another feature of this toy is the pull back string that would make Woody talk for a total of nineteen phrases. We’re certain our little Woody fan would be more than excited to get this though we haven’t listened to it all yet. ☺


Mon was so eager to give this right away to Akyn and told him to wait for a month more until his birthday. He can’t wait to see Akyn’s reaction upon getting this. I understand that because I also feel the same excitement. It makes us parents happy seeing our kids filled with joy. Can you relate to that? We do have some sort of emotional connections to our kids. When they are crying, we are the first person to be hurt more witnessing them in sorrow. I hate seeing this cutie sad.


If you are looking for a nice gift for your babies, you may consider this toy too. Aside from Woody they also offer Jessie for baby girls. I’m a happy shopper here. So satisfied with the product.


Happy online browsing.☺



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