1st Place Hornsea Music Festival

Akyn attended another opportunity for him to enhance his love for music last seventh of July in Hornsea Music Festival of 2023. Weeks before the event he spent more time to practice his piece. I’ve seen his dedication to his piano lessons at a very young age. He always look forward when his piano teacher arrives.

This is what we wanted as parents to support him on the field he is interested with and not to force him just because we wanted him to do it. We felt like we are punishing our child if it is us who will imposed as to what hobby he needed to develop. When we decided to introduce him to learning the piano, we asked him initially if he would like to continue learning it and if he finds it an enjoyable activity to learn. He must have really liked it because from that moment when Akyn said he liked it, until now we can still see him craving to learn more about music.

We will support you Baby in every journey you choose.

Fast forward, he was signed up for another competition to expose himself more to this music world. He played two pieces. One was Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven, a very beautiful and quite a known one but a bit tricky to be played perfectly by a seven year old boy. The other music is the Prelude E minor.

There were six of them in his category and he was the fifth presenter. When his name was called, Mon and I shared the same level of anxiety for our baby. LOL the parents were more anxious than the child. Mon was fidgety and I am silently praying Akyn can play it without getting overwhelmed with his own fear.

With God’s good heart, he managed to pull off his performance with grace. We never expected and pressured him to get the first place on this event. However, we were hoping for the best result for our baby. We promised him a present whether he will win or not with a Nintendo Switch toy he had been asking his Daddie months ago.

Well deserved palangga. Congratulations for gaining the first place on this event. Mommie and Daddie are very much proud of you.🧡

Counting blessings for more.🧡❤💓

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