Akyn’s 7th Birthday

It’s been a few days since I had shared another blog post for my Akynfullhouse website. The holiday season for me has been extremely busy, not just because of being a working mother but also due to my other extra activities or tasks I needed to prepare for December. My Akyn’s seventh birthday was one of my top priorities of my to do list.

I did ask Akyn on how he wanted to celebrate his birthday if he wanted us to do the normal family travel get away we do during special events or if he prefers to throw a party with his friends and classmates. Guess which one he chose. Yes, the latter won.

As much as I would wanted to travel but because it’s his party not mine, his wishes was granted with no doubt. Stressful in my part during the preparation. However, seeing my baby enjoyed it very well made my heart swell in happiness. This is our first big party ever made here as an immigrant and I am so thankful to all of our friends who helped us to make it a joyful one.

My Akyn’s school photo at seven. You will always be Mommy and Daddy’s little one true love from the moment you were born until forever. We love you baby.

Started packing his party loot bags the night before his big day. Bought the ready made loot bags from TK maxx and the goodies were from Tesco. We did the DIY thank you party label attached to each bag to add a touch of a personal message to all our guests.

Our recycled party decorations in our kitchen. We used this last year when he turned six when we had a simple family dinner.

He specifically requested to have his party somewhere where he can play with his friends and Big Fun was the chosen venue. It’s good for older kids to play as the place is quite huge for them to enjoy. We did book it online, paid the reservation fee and had to send an RSVP to everyone he wanted to invite so we can reserve the number of kids going. The rest of the payment was sent on the day of the party.

Our super yummy chocolate cake was generously gifted by our Ate Susan. All the guests loved it.😍 Thank you Ate. You’re like a second mum to Akyn.

Photo first before the cake got served. I had to stay home to wait for the delivery of our ordered catered food for our other guests coming to our house as well.

We are so thankful to all the kids who came and joined the fun day with our Akyn. He said this is one of the best day he ever had.

A Filipino gathering most favourite party highlight is the Lechon (Roasted pig). We ordered it from Lechon Sa Yorkshire. Thank you Kuya Francis for catering our last minute order. The previous person we contacted cancelled our order ten days prior to the event. I do understand the chaotic December with loads of orders coming thru for Lechon suppliers but what pisses me off is the last minute cancellation. If you can’t confidently provide the service to your client, please be considerate enough to say no to them rather than trying to ruin a party with your irresponsible decision making. I wouldn’t post the name of the business but I would be more than glad to share the name to those who will ask privately as a warning to future customers.

Kuya Francis served as a blessing to us. Thank you so much Lechon Sa Yorkshire.

That’s our dearest Ate Susan doing the honor to chop the Lechon for us.

Our food was catered by our friend Primo and his wife Marian. They are starting a catering business called Mang Jose. All of my guests said the food was super delicious. Thanks Primo and Marian for sharing your cooking skills.😘😘😘

Cheese cake made by Ate Susan again. One of the best and my fave cakes ever. You are always a blessing to us Ate Susan and Kuya Marcelo.

This year’s Akyn choice of theme is to be a Pikachu. He wanted a yellow theme yes.

His Pikachu Onesie is his chosen outfit for our house birthday party.

We did our photoshoot prior to him going to Big Fun. We won’t have enough space and time to do it if the guests will come in the house already.

Thank you to all the lovely presents for Akyn. Each of the gifts were never left unappreciated by Akyntot.

From the Abilar family, a big thank you to everyone who came to the rescue helping us in every little way to make this day a successful event. I can’t imagine it doing it alone. Our baby was on a cloud nine after the evening celebration. It’s indeed a happy birthday on a happy Christmas month.

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