Amidst Adversity

Few days ago, I had to make an important international call to follow-up with some requests pertaining to my career development. A bit worried about the cost of making an out of country outbound call as we all know the expensive call rates. I had a lot of worries the night before I planned to make the call. Formulated so many WHAT IF’s on what may happen during the conversation with someone from the different side of the world. I prayed hard and trusted  the eminent power God to remove my fear of the unknown.

The day came and I made a total of three attempts to speak with a representative because the first two conversations unfortunately failed to fix my concern. Have you felt it when you’re so desperate to get what you wanted but it seemed so hard for you to have it because the person dealing with you is somehow wasn’t grasping what you wanted to happen? Prayed again, again and again. I begged for the heavens to send me His angel over the phone.

Joshua 1:9

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

This is my powerful bible verse when I felt my worries are overwhelming calming my tension from within. Indeed, His answers to my plea came when I had the third call. Everything went smooth and ended up finishing my task.

This event helped me realized two things about EMPATHY to others and FAITH to the Lord.

If I were on the side of the person answering the call, I may have the same tendency to consider the call as something ordinary. Guess it’s pretty common for them get those types of calls as part of their job. The more we’re exposed to it, sometimes, we tend to only consider the completion of the task just like my first call. The representative sounded in a rush of ending the call without looking into more of the details of what went wrong.

Being too focused with the task, often left us to forget about the touch of being human. We failed to feel how the person asking for help might be feeling right now. We loose the focus of what is more valuable to our customers or patients ( whatever field we maybe assigned to ) at the present time they needed our assistance. Empathizing their agony is being overlooked as the least priority not knowing it can make a lot of difference. My third call allowed me to build a connection with the representative.

How was it possible? Never did he forget about the feeling of how it was to be on the other side of the line confused on what to do. He gave me assurance to fix my current situation and humbly apologized for the mistake of the first two calls. His EMPATHY and attention to details helped me resolved my reason for calling them.

My faith was also tested with the first two phone calls which both seemed hopeless. I honestly wrestled to stop myself from believing any hope may happen when it seemed nobody cared to answer what I needed at that moment. Seeing my child with and my Mama with me praying for a good result gave me the courage to continue dialing the number. Why should I stop when I’m almost there towards the completion of my task?

My God gave me this predicament because of His desire for me to build my confidence in Him. My defeat is not something He wanted me to experience. I silently repeated the Bible verse Joshua 1:9 while dialing the keypad. The scripture clearly encouraged me to show bravery in the face of adversity. Never did I question his Power regardless of the failed attempts to call, certainly my Faith yielded a positive result at the end of the day.

When things aren’t coming the way we’re expecting it to happen, let’s not lose hope. We will never know we’re only an inch away from our goals.




  1. Your faith has brought you a long way towards your dream.

    1. Thank you.☺

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