First Manga Book Owned

Good morning pretties. It’s such a gloomy day today here.⛈️. After I dropped Akyn to school, I was walking alone entertaining my inner thoughts. It was already starting to rain a bit and the sky turned darker than it was minutes ago. Although the weather wasn’t perfect as I was hoping it to be on my rest day, miraculously my mood wasn’t affected. I felt so gracious for everything happening in my life whilst my stay here as an immigrant. The film we watched last night made me more thankful of what I am now.❤️

We watched a movie in Netflix last night entitled My Name Is Loh Kiwan. It is a comeback movie of Song Joong-ki. The movie was badly criticised by the Korean netizens while a few left positive remarks that gained my interest to see the film myself and rate it. I loved it! It’s an eye opening to those who wanted to venture to another nation showing how hard life can be as an immigrant if you don’t have a stable job. I’m so much thankful that my own path wasn’t like what happened to him in the scenes shown. I am very much gracious with the job security offered to me prior to immigrating and with the Lord’s blessings He also allowed Mon to find his dream job.

So while walking earlier heading home, I was counting the things that made my heart swell in happiness even the little things including the gloomy weather was added to the list of thanks. Never in my whole life I expected to get the kind of blessings we have now.

I thought my dreams will only be dreams forever.

I thought my passion to practice my profession will never come true.

Then God answered all of my prayers! Everything went so fast that I couldn’t imagine how the beautiful turn of events happened.

That’s why even how busy we are, we still find time to pay our gratitude by practicising our Catholic religion in here. This is us all ready to attend the holy mass last Sunday. A very special day for us Filipinos who will be singing Tanging Yaman during the holy communion. Being part of the choir is one way for us to do our service to Him. This little act of service is not even enough compared to all the goodness we received from Him.💕Thank you Lord for EVERYTHING.

My clingy baby boy.💕

Also, last Friday, Mon accompanied me during my appointment. Crossing fingers for a positive feedback. Pray for me pretties. Then we spent the rest of the day strolling the town centre with Akyn still in school. Date Friday,ey?(LOL)😂

We tried for the first time to eat in Rolls, located on Jameson Street serving Vietnamese food. We ordered both the fried chicken. Mon paired it with egg noodles and fried rice for me. It was so flavourful. For two meals I paid around 14 quid and the serving was huge enough for one person. We will be coming back to Rolls for plenty more.😁

Then headed to the Waterstones to check for new released books. I’ve just finished reading the latest book I bought leaving me with nothing to indulge. The prices for their romance novel was a bit high, costing £8.99. I can buy from The Works for only about £5.00 so I pass.

I didn’t know the Waterstones got Mangga books upstairs. It was Mon who told me they had loads when he tried checking what they got on the second floor. OMG! I was screaming in my head when I found these creations of JUNJI ITO

I need to save up to afford them.😒One book for almost £20.00. Why are the stuff I wanted were so expensive. The poorita me can’t afford with their prices.😒

I almost lost hope but when I checked another shelf of display, I found a paperback copy with a cheaper price. I am so happy to get it. My first ever Manga book I own. I usually only borrow books from friends because these types are too pricey and now I got one. (Cartwheel dance of victory Yey!)

Then we went to Pricess Quay before going home. It’s been a while since we visited Primark. I wanted to get new set of winter Pj’s. Just in time I found a Tweety oodie on sale. I was so excited to wear it at home. When Akyn saw it, he immediately asked to own it and without second thought wore the oodie when he’s at home. What choice does this Momma got when my favourite little human is the one asking for a favour?😂

And that’s about it for the latest update of my immigrant life journey. See you pretty Mommas on my next blog post.💕❤️

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