Piano Solo Invite-Celebration Concert Cottingham

I still can’t believe my little man got invited to perform his solo piano performance last Saturday,16th of March in Cottingham. Akyn was so excited and looking forward for the special day to come. Who would have thought we will be able to experience to be part of the beautiful musical event like this in the UK. It was our first time seeing young people performing using musical instruments like the harp, violin and the angelic voices of the children,too gave me goose bumps. It wasn’t just an ordinary performance because the participants in the event were mostly winners from different musical category contests. They are all splendid musicians, I would say. Thank you dear God for the rarest opportunity you allowed us to witness and for having Akyn share his passion for piano.

I was supposed to be on my third night shift last Sarturday, gladly I got one of my friends to swap a schedule with me. I can’t afford to miss my baby’s special event! Slept for a couple of hours after work then woke up at around half past one to get some coffee and get ourselves ready to go. The second part of the concert started at around four in the afternoon so we set off an hour early to find a nice spot to park.

Hi to my cutiepatotie raising the flag for the young Filipino musical enthusiast.💕💕💕

It’s a concert with a cause to support the Hull and East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf. We’ve also witness a visual choir for the very first time ever. Performers used a sign language to express the song on stage. It was a marvelous experience.💕

I am still on a cloud nine Pretty Mommas for getting to witness all of these. My previous life in Cebu were too simple. It was like work, work, work and so much work. Rest days were for groceries and housechores. Seldom we can think of relaxation or any extra curricular event to be part of.Both of us were new first time parents before still trying to maneuvre the early stage of parenthood.😍 We finally got to appreciate there’s more to life than just working.😘UK indeed offers life and work balance my friends.

I kept a copy of the program for myself added to my Akyn’s musical journey memorabilia.

Here’s my baby boy Akyn. We are so proud of you palangga.💕

and here’s the stage mum.(LOL)😂 Can you believe my dress only cost PHP 150.00 from Shopee. Bought it when I went last August back home.Not everything needs to be expensive to look presentable pretties.

After the event, we decided to eat out to our fave Chinese restuarant in the Oriental Palace.Akyn got his all time menu of choice, the beef noodle soup.

Mine is the seafood rice. Love it 100%.

Mon tried the fried chicken paired with fried rice.

As a token of appreciating Akyn’s effort to master his piano piece, we gave him robux for his Roblox game. Mon even doubled the amount because of how happy we are to this little boy’s achievement.

To everything, for everything we are enjoying now, we give thanks to the Lord.We won’t be here without him. Cheers to more exciting moments to share in life pretties.

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