Be The Bigger Person

Often times, we are presented with situations which will test our patience in handling challenging circumstances. The temptation to respond negatively for us to get what we deemed as a fair reaction towards the source of our irritation is so alluring that we tend to wrestle with ourselves whether to give in to our anger or to take the higher road.

Taking the higher road or shall we describe it as being the bigger person is the classier way to respond to negativism. I’ve just realized it lately, if we will allow to get consumed with our hurt with someone who obviously crossed the line with respecting our integrity, it would mean we are allowing to let them be the head of their rules where our negative reaction is what they’ve been expecting for us to do. I’ve just learned my lesson regarding these for the past few months. So, I’m sharing my realizations to you too.

Why should we take vengeance to someone who isn’t even worth our attention to begin with? We are just giving them an excuse for their ill-mannered actions because of how badly we retaliated. So let’s not be fooled by going down the drain with them.☺

We usually have the impression of being the weaker one if we take the high road. But actually, it’s not what it is what many would conclude. It’s showing how brave we are in choosing our own battles. If it’s not worth it, then there won’t be any reason to give your precious attention to them.

Your reaction speaks a huge volume about how well your character was properly molded. Being silent despite being ridiculed is simply an elegant way for you to keep them wondering about you. A response that even those who wanted to ignore it find it hard to take no notice.

Behaving with magnanimity is easier said than done as they say. True enough! But if we are that strong-willed to show them we are better than their ludicrous comments, we surely can assume to be the Bigger Person. What do you think? Let’s give them a cocky wink with confident smile letting them know we are firm to our set of values.

What’s in it for us in selecting to be noble?

First, Less Emotional Stress. The more we keep those grudges of hurt, the greater its effect to our heart. I would rather let those unnecessary ill feelings go away especially if it was brought about by someone who doesn’t have any importance in my life. I’ll just say “Duh, who you?” (eyes rolled) haha.

Second, More time for relevant activities. Instead of getting stuck of thinking for the best revenge and consuming all your energy into it, it has more advantage to pour those useful stamina into something productive. Like, practicing the dance steps of my son’s favorite Nursery Rhyme so we can dance together during our free time. Lol. This is way better than being hostile.


Third, Living Happier. Have you imagined living in the shadows of feeling resentful because you believe people owe you an apology but nobody ever bothered to ask that from you? How awful that life is going to be? Why wait if they aren’t willing to. Give your forgiveness to those who didn’t and won’t ask for an apology because this is the only way to move forward. It doesn’t mean we will forget we’ve been wronged. It simply means we accepted the fact that harboring anger won’t bring any good towards us. As per the famous quote of Mark Twain,

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

I know, there are still several benefits of walking this path. These are just a few. I’m writing this as a reminder to myself to always, always for me to bear in mind of not letting other’s miserable behaviors affect the calmness in me. I have the choice to write my own kind of ending for every not so happy experience. You can do it too!





  1. Hi Mich,

    Just so timely I came across with your post . Keeping hatred within us isn’t really healthy. I have experienced the effects of anger towards my physical symptoms. My body responds to it every time I am emotionally stressed where my Blood pressure reading will always be above normal when I am mad. I won’t allow anyone to affect my health anymore by getting affected with their actions. Like you, I’ll just shrugged my shoulders and walk away from their drama.

    1. Hi Divina,

      Yes, you’re definitely right. Prioritizing our health over harboring hate is way much smarter move to keep our life free from worries. Be Healthy always. ☺

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