Bestie’s Wedding

Never had I imagined I’m going to feel so emotionally happy seeing my bestie finally walking down the aisle wearing her white wedding gown. I’ve known Florisa since college and from that moment until now she remained exactly the same jolly person I’ve ever known. Seldom when friendship can last for more than seven years. Ours is about a decade now. Yey! If you have found one, treasure it because you’re blessed to have it.



We were called Tres Marias(Carel, Michelle and Florisa) way back in college. We used to wear the same designs of clothes during parties, met my husband with them and even shared answers during exams (it’s not a secret anymore Lol ☺). Today, although we weren’t complete during the event because our dear Carel is now based in Qatar practicing Nursing, this day still marked the happiest day for us. This is it Poyet (Flor’s nickname)!

Courageously took a video of Flor’s bridal march and just after the video, I had to move to a different seat to hide the salty drops falling from my eyes down towards my chin. It was my first time being so happy seeing someone getting married. Maybe because I do love the bride that much. I just couldn’t imagine how can I control myself from being too emotional again once my sister will decide to tie a knot someday. Wish me luck to hold back my tears?☺

Both my boys have their own fair share of responsibilities for the wedding. Mon was assigned as one of the readers while my two year old Akyn was tasked as the coin bearer for the very first time.


I felt both excited to see him walk at the same time a bit worried if he could complete his task.


Mon and I had to do some rehearsals at home letting my child watch videos in YouTube to let him visualize what he needed to do during the mass. Can he really manage to perform the duties of a coin bearer? It’s for us to find out during the actual event.


Hours before the occasion, I panicked when I let Akyn wore his outfit. It was too big for his size and couldn’t be altered using minor sewing attempts. Saved by SM kids department store with their ready to wear formal attire for kids.


Lesson learned: Do some outfit rehearsal before any occasion to avoid Mommy panicky mode.


Akyn became the source of laughter on his fitting session in SM. After wearing the sample long-sleeves and his pants, he immediately went to my direction. Everyone thought he wanted to be carried by me. He made us all laugh because he went straight to my paper bag, took his Trilby hat and wore it to complete his get-up. What a clever little boy wanting to always look good in front of the crowd!


Our final practice before the wedding march. He didn’t care about the people around looking at him and was surprisingly enjoying the act.


Church venue was in Cebu Archdiocesan Shrine of Saint Pedro Calungsod. It was only last year when it opened its services to cater for wedding ceremonies according to the officiating priest. This church is quite near to our own wedding reception in Archbishop’s Palace located just above this church. What I love about having a small church for the ceremony is it will appear like the whole venue is filled with guests. Unlike the big ones where the congregation looked scattered everywhere.

The magnificent altar.


My Akyn with his props for his most awaited role.



Another selfie request from my camera lover.


Reception followed in Casino Espanyol. For those looking for a place for special event, I would gladly recommend Casino Espanyol Cebu. The food is delectably good. Your guest will surely love it. They can offer for as low as P550.00 per head for the meal alone ( as of 2018).

I love the way the venue was decorated, simply elegant looking. Here are few of the photos I’ve got using my phone camera.




Some of the food were still not available when I took a snapshot of their meal preparation.

Pica-pica for the guests while waiting for the reception to be ready.☺


A party can’t be complete without the irresistible famous Lechon of Cebu(Roasted Pork). Who can say no to this?


☺☺☺ Mouth-watering sight.




Photobooth photo with a magnet as a souvenir for the guests.

My college buddy, Stephanie


My blurry mirror shot hahaha. I need to master the art on how to take a picture in front of a mirror.


These two and our messy table. I cropped the table photo for you not to see what happened to the table utensils disarranged by my not so creative imagination of my toddler.


Before the celebration ended, a prayer was offered to the couple. My son proactively participated by raising his hand while a solemn prayer was given to the newly weds. (not really sure if he was praying too☺)


To my dear Flor and her husband Chris: I am elated seeing you both have finally decided to be officially together. I know you’ve been through a lot lately and I admired both of your strengths to overcome it. Please know you are always included in our prayers. This is just the start of your beautiful journey of your marriage. Best wishes!


Congratulations Chris and Flor♥



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