Bike With Me

Got loads of stuff done this morning. First task accomplished was to sleep. Then sleep for another hour and eventually slept until midday. Yikes! What can we expect to do on a rainy cold morning anyway during your rest day? Felt so cozy warming my body under the thick duvet with my four year old boy sitting on the bed playing with his toys while I am dozing off. How extremely sweet that moment is? Mon is busy working from home in the living room albeit the bed weather for the whole day. Uh felt sorry for him for he got no choice but to work as scheduled. Lol 😂

We usually take advantage when the sun is out because it’s seldom for us to experience it especially now that winter is fast approaching. Noooo! I hate winter. I like cooler weather though but not the harsh freezing winter.❄️⛄

So, before summer even started this year we’ve already planned to purchase a bike to enjoy the sun at the same time shedding some fats. Hitting two birds with one stone, ey?

At first, the plan was only one bike for us to share but it turned out buying each for all of us. Akyn got his bike from the good hearts of Ate Pie and Kuya Ding’s hand me down from their kids. That’s a bonus for us. Wohoo!

Got his helmet from Sports Direct via online.

We bought my pink Apollo bike in Facebook Marketplace. Guess how much was it?

I only got it for 50 quid. Yes, this beauty cost that cheap. You just got to be patient in scrolling for the best offer to get some nice items guys.

Used it right away after purchasing to test it. Well, it’s still functioning quite well until now. No regrets of having it.😉

For Mon, bought it as my birthday gift for him last July. He always wanted to have a Giant brand mountain bike which was the type of bike he had when we were still in the Philippines. Had to let him choose the unit of the bike he wanted before hitting the buy button.

Availed for my employer’s offer called Cycle to Scheme where we can get any bike of our choice and the payment will be staggered for 12 months automatically debited from my payroll. Not that heavy to affect my budget, right?

My happy biker.

We will be waiting for another sunny day to enjoy biking in the park again.

Please come out now Mr. Sun.☀️

Mich. ❤️

  1. Glad you got to enjoy a sunny day riding your bikes! Riding as a family is not only fun, but also serves as great exercise.

  2. So glad you got to bike as a family on a beautiful sunny day! Biking is not only fun, but also a great exercise.

  3. I love that you found a way to exercise in covid!

  4. Sounds like you’ve been incredibly productive! Those bikes look amazing

  5. Awesome bikes! I also love going on Marketplace. It’s usually the first place I go to when I’m on the lookout for something.

  6. What a great bike to find on facebook marketplace!

  7. Family bike rides are so fun! That is great that you each have one now! It will be much easier than trying to share one.

  8. Omg guys are soooo picky about their bikes! My husband’s the same way!

  9. I can somewhat relate to this as my husband and I had similar arguments a couple of months ago. Though, I feel that it’s unfair and that the “gamer” is the one causing the problem. This gave me an insight on what’s going on his mind and in return made me understand my husband a little bit more.

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