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I got loads of pending blog post to make which took me half an hour to decide what to write first with all the beautiful list of topics I am thrilled to share to my blog. I’ve finished taking my time sipping my cup of coffee this morning while doing a mental picture of organizing my thoughts. What should I write as my intro, body and end for this write up. It takes a lot of my brain cells( if I have any🤣) to work out every piece in finishing a post. How much more in writing a novel. That’s why I have a great respect to all book writers with their dedication allotting so much of their time coming up with a beautiful piece of a genre of fiction, such as the novels. It has always been a part of my obsession to hoard books to binge during rest days. I used to buy it in thriftstores offering four books for a pound but because I have a specific author I am currently obsessed with, Colleen Hoover, I got to find her masterpieces from a book store. I’m having loads of trips from the nearest bookshop in Waterstones grabbing new stocks of Co Ho’s obra maestra.

Before starting my book reviews and ratings, I want to give credits again to the pretty gems I’ve thrifted a couple of months ago. The only thing not thrifted in this outfit is my pair of black sandals from Primark. The rest like my top, skirt and my black purse all were from my favorite thrift stores costing not more than two GBP each. Dress smart, pay smart.

Let’s start our book reviews. Warning: spoiler alert pretty Mommas!

  1. My most favorite among the books I’ve read by CoHo is this one, It Ends With Us. I can’t recall any another books that made me sobbed so much and left me broken hearted. She wrote exceptionally well in expressing the devastation of each characters Lily, Ryle and Atlas, as they tackle the most difficult part in deciding whether to stick together for the sake of preserving their love or choosing to leave everything behind to stop them from hurting each other again. I’ve written a bit of my take with how the book ended in my previous post(link). I might read this book over and over again.

2. Second on the list is Verity. This book is written full of darkness, quite heavy to take in all the events happening within each characters. You’ll have an idea how dark the emotions for this book is as the opening chapter of it vividly wrote a man being hit with a lorry with all the gruesome description written on it. Unlike in movies where I have an option to skip the bloody scenes but in reading, it’s different. I got to read each line forcing me to create my clear imagination how the blood splattered on the first chapter. If I skipped it, I’ll loose track on what happens next. Uggrh! I find it very hard to continue reading it but then I can’t help myself to get curious for the next chapter. It’s a love and hate relationship I’ve had for Verity. It gave me chills on my spine with all the experiences Lowen, the new co-writter had to go through when she started moving in to the house of Verity and Jeremy with their son, Crew. I find all the characters twisted in some sense and until now I can’t decide whether I will be team Verity and Jeremy or should I go with Lowen and Jeremy. Have a read on this book. Then let me know who’s point of view will you take. All of them are murderers anyway!🤔

3. Third spot is Confess. This is when literature meets the art of painting as Owen the male lead of the story is a painter. I also super love Auburn Reed, the main lady protagonist, doing everything to get the custody back for her son AJ. She might be young and fragile but those didn’t stop her from being the best that she could to be a good mum. Sacrificing her happiness to be with the man he loves for the sake of winning her son back is such a heroic deed of her. Although, this book didn’t extort me from crying again(LOL) but I enjoyed reading it from start to finish. I can totally relate to the mother’s love to her child. Very inspiring! This book has a very interesting twist of events as you go along with each chapters making it an exciting secret to uncover every flip of the page.

4. Fourth on the list is All Your Perfects. I love how realistic the story showing the rawness of a perfect marriage could end without the couple knowing they’re slowly falling apart. Co Ho shared several book worthy quotes on this story and my fave one is this,If you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim.” I feel sad for Quinn getting so depressed with her infertility to the point that she almost lost her husband as well because of focusing the only flaw she got of being a woman. I can feel her hurt with the people’s insensitiveness asking when she’s going to finally decide to have a baby. It’s an eye opening to all of us to be careful in asking questions like this to the couples. It’s none of our business to ask couples to get kids or not. It’s none of our business to question their decisions how many kids they wanted to have. It’s none of our business to tell them when is the right time to have kids and when is not. Because we just don’t know what each of us is going through. Be sensitive, be kind with your words is what this book is trying to tell us.

5. Fifth on my list would be the Ugly Love. I can compare this book like how E. L. James wrote her well known Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Loads of intimate scenes written. Duh! I’m not a fan with how Tate and Miles relationship started at first. I just can’t imagine how any beautiful woman with a fine college degree holder, no financial problems, single and totally near to perfection human being would agree to a relationship with two obnoxious rules. Their rules includes, “Don’t ask about my past and Don’t expect any future from us!”Like really? Friends with benefits kind of thing doesn’t impress me at all. Although, the ending was nice after Miles finally figured out how to get the closure he needed from his past to move on and give in to his new love for Tate, I still find it unfair how Tate was being treated entirely. The title really fits with the love they shared, too rough, too selfish, UGLY LOVE!

I’m in the process of finishing to read another Co Ho’s beautiful piece. I may share my insights about it if I find it interesting. Wish me luck.

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