Brand New Calendar Flip

I’ve just had at least four hours of sleep after my two straight night shifts. I survived! Tomorrow I will be back to being a normal human being again reporting to work on a day schedule. Honestly, I would prefer to be on a graveyard shift when on duty because I could organize my task more with lesser interruptions, no doctor’s order not unless in emergency cases, less people who’ll keep on misplacing all your patients’documents. It’s one of my pet peeves when someone uses my stuff and wouldn’t return it as how it was  before borrowing it. I don’t know but I can’t stand seeing my assigned area disorganized during my shift. My nursing notes, observation chart and drug cards are all arranged exactly on the same position for all of my bays and if one of them is missing, it won’t make me settle not unless I’ll find them. It’s easier to work when it’s less chaotic, isn’t it? 

Anyway, I’m blogging again because I’ve just noticed it that it is almost the middle of January and I haven’t posted anything. NO, this can’t be right! Busy me shouldn’t forget my Akynfullhouse. What have you been doing for the first month of the year? Did you start all your New Year’s resolution for 2020?

Celebrated my New Year here with the people closest to my heart. Please meet my little circle of friends.


With enough food to satisfy our appetite.


New Year, it is. What’s up with the new calendar flip? Have not gotten any chance to make my New Year’s resolution yet if that’s the right term to say it. What I usually do is to write something everyday on my little diary about how my day went. Funny thing though I was about to write something for January first and came to my realization that my page was over for 2019. Needed to start doing another writing for my 2020 blue secret book. It’s a secret book because nobody is allowed to read it except ME. LOL!


It is where I also jot down my learnings towards the  event of the day, possible actions to improve it the next time. It’s like a silent talk to myself alone. I’ve read about something beneficial in doing daily journal which says if we keep it as a routine to write even a little thought about our day, it gives us an opportunity to be present within ourselves. It’s like we can hear our whispers from within. In short, we gain more self awareness to how we feel acknowledging it rather than ignoring those emotions. Try it, it will amaze us the more we do it.

Done writing my journal for today. So, I’m here making a noise again in my blog site. Going back to the topic regarding New Year’s Resolution, I have a daft question, “How to create a perfect New Year’s Resolution?” Is there really a formula to do it? I doubt it. If you’ll ask me I haven’t really tried making a long list of what I wanted for my year. What I do is I start creating an achievable goal to set things right. When we say achievable, it’s something that is realistic. Just like when we say, I aim to save this amount for this year rather than saying I will be a young millionaire this year and we  didn’t even make an extra effort to at least save a dime in our bank account.

It worked well for me as evident with how exciting my 2019 was. My goal last year was  to be a UK RN no matter how tough the road shall be. With prayers, hardwork and a mind set to get my goal for 2019 everything went well as planned.

Creating our target for a brand new year does not necessarily need to be a thousand list of goals with extravagant wishes of this and that. In my opinion, one strong aimable goal with sublist on the plans on how to achieve it would be enough to make us the better version of ourselves. FOCUS and remind ourselves everyday that this is what I wanted to get for this year. Once it’s realized then it’s time for us to dive in to another challenging productive goal without the need of waiting for another year to unfold.

Have a prosperous New year to all of us.



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