Clumber Park Lodge New Year Destination

Happy New Year everyone. It’s 2024! That was really a fast year for me. Months going so fast last year that the next thing we knew, it was already approaching the next flip of the calendar. Hope everyone is doing good today.

I’m still elated with our recent family travel in Nottingham Clumber Park Lodges. I’ve been looking for a place to spend with a private hot tub we can use during our stay. Thankfully whilst searching online, a travel company posted a travel package exactly dated during my Akyn’s 8th birthday. Without further hesitation, we booked it since October of 2023. We had to pay the full amount upfront to secure the place. Apparently, loads of people are booking for the same date for them to spend their New Year, to somewhere peaceful and quite. I gave Akyn options on how he wanted to spend his birthday and he chose travel instead of having a big party like he had for his seventh birthday. He even said during our trip because he was so happy with our time together that we needed to do the same thing this year. To book another travel time to spend for his special day until New Year. I’m going to get so broke Pretty Mommas!.(LOL)😂😂😂

This is us who were too happy to start our trip to our December Holiday. It took us an hour and forty-five minutes drive to reach our destination. Our boy slept for the entire duration recharging himself getting prepared to play in the lodge.

I brought my newest baby in my collection to our trip. Got this from Mon as my birthday gift.❤️I super adored this cutie.💕

When we reached our accommodation we passed through this huge trees leading us to the lodge. If you are the type who enjoy the serenity of nature, then this place is for you. No WIFI, no busy streets, no loud noises, just the beauty of a calm earth will greet you everyday.

Upon arrival, the birthday boy posed for his birthday getaway wearing my Marvel onesie I gifted him to wear.❤️Look how stunning the sky is when we arrived.

The caravan consists of two bedrooms. One with ensuite toilet.

The second toilet is near the kitchen where we used it a lot every after jacuzzi time.

This is the second bedroom. We have’t used it that much because the bed mattress was quite not comfy to sleep. Akyn kept on complaining that it was hurting his back so he moved to sleep in the bigger bed with me and Mon chose to use the big couch in the living room.😂

It’s a fully furnished caravan. All we had to bring where the groceries we needed to cook. How convenient!

The hot tub exclusive for us only to use which I really love as an introvert me who wouldn’t enjoy sharing my relaxing moment with strangers. Most of the units had its own hot tub for the guests renting them. We used it everyday during our stay, bathing more than once a day. (LOL)❤️It is so perfect for winter to submerge your body from the hot water calming your tense overworked muscles.

We did some walking in the nearby walking trail in Clumber Park.

We aimlessly walked for a good an hour and quarter talking nonsense while creating stories to scare us whilst walking in the middle of nowhere. Akyn never complained of the tiring activity. He thought it was such a fun family bonding we did there.

We did a lot of boardgames and bought one set of Lego for Akyn to set up with Mon.

My favourite board game would be this, SCRABBLES.

We tried playing this game we received during Christmas.❤️

Mon’s Fave would be the Jenga. Full of thrills on who’s going to knock down the tower.

At New Year’s Eve, we prepared a few set of food we can eat.

Had some family photo for our 2024 New Year’s Day. These types of travel are the kind of family bonding the three of us enjoy a lot no matter what season it is of the year. Akyn cried during our last night in Clumber park because he really loved the place and would badly miss it when we leave.Don’t worry Akyntoot I will try my best to book for more trips for us as long as my budget can still afford to do it.😘

Happy New Year again lovely people.❤️

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