Colorful Socks for a Colorful Life

With the worst traffic congestion during rush hours in Cebu City, you’ll expect to feel you are already ready to drop by the moment you reach home. After we spent almost three hours of travel from work and while walking towards our house, it was a perfect timing when the electricity went off. Seriously! What an ideal timing. I can really sleep tonight without any power supply at home.(insert sarcasm☺). Mon assured me it would take only a few minutes, not even an hour for the power to get back on. He must be a previous employee of the electric supplier company. Lol☺. He sounded so sure about the timeframe huh.

While the world was dark, I got my phone with me and made myself busy taking shots of my colorful pairs of socks my husband bought for me. He paid for it, though it was me who ordered it AGAIN. Technically, it was him who bought it, right? Thank you for your never ending generosity my LOVE.

“You are going to take photos even if there is no light?” “It won’t be a nice shot.”

He got so concerned about me enjoying the darkness while still taking pictures of my new pairs of socks. That’s the reason why cameras have built-in flash to get the view we wanted with the absence of the natural light but there is a difference with the quality, I know he’s right. I just wanted to overcome my irritation of the situation by finding means to entertain myself.

Say hi to my new babies.☺





Doing something I love is my secret to survive irritation due to boredom. Now, I’m sharing it to you. It may help you too on how you can turn the not so pleasant experience to an enjoyable one. I used to complain every time I am disappointed. The more I complain about it, the more I get exasperated. It’s a never ending cycle of negativity. So, I tried to find another way to combat the urge to dwell on the obnoxious setting.

There was one time when Mon and I had to wait for someone for almost two hours beyond the agreed time. We almost lost our cool waiting but still managed to survive. How? We used the idle time by talking about our toddler’s development. How his playfulness never fails to tickle our soft spot leaving us laughing every moment with him. Little did we noticed the happy thoughts we have with Akyn slowly displaced the negative annoyance we originally felt. You can’t focus on two things at the same time. If we felt we are getting consumed with our impatience, try to find a nicer topic to displace negativity.

Also, if we wanted to maintain the disposition of seeing positivity, it would be good to associate ourselves to a group of like-minded people who prefer to see the brighter side of life. One of the traits I admire most with Mon is his capability to see the goodness in everyone he meets and in every situation he face. I’ve never heard him complain if he is tasked to do some difficult projects. Rather, he accepts them with great excitement to test his own strengths to overcome it. He’s a great influence to me in keeping my optimism intact. Yes, it’s a great help to choose your company. Be friendly but be choosy to whom you are going to stick with. (wink ssshh that’s our secret!)

And a gentle reminder to everyone before I’ll end this post, life is too short too be sullen. I want to maintain a colorful life as colorful as my new pairs of socks by eliminating the dull moments of negativity. You should too (buy colorful pairs of socks hahaha).♥




  1. I love the designs. It makes me feel young again in wearing them.

    1. Right! Kids at heart as they say it.♥

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