I have so much appreciation for those who can afford to be patient enough while applying their creativeness in making DIY projects be it for business purposes or merely as a hobby. I do greatly support any of my friends who has the passion for making unique creations.

One of my friends Chinkai the creator of Karaykays is into making personalized bracelets, necklace, pair of earrings and unique book marks. It’s quite amazing when she told me before how her side interest helped her in releasing her stresses. It allowed her to express her emotions with every intricate details applied on her work of art.

I requested Chinx to make one for me. Despite of her busy schedule, she agreed to share her talent. Yey!♥ Photo Credits to: Karaykays by Chinx


Look at how lovely the details are. The wooden vintage looking brown beads matched with the charms added. Thanks Chinkai.♥ You may want to visit few of her original craft on Facebook.


Without a doubt, there are several ways to release our unwanted stress hormones. Instead of sulking and complaining about how difficult it is to keep your head above the water, we can find more productive ways to relax and get energized again.

Creative writing using my blog is my own way of gaining my inner peace. I write whatever it is that’s bothering me or blog a post to inspire people. When I write, it’s the same feeling as if I am talking with someone trying to convey my message to my readers. Both cost effective for I don’t need to spend any dime to write and emotionally healing too.

Aside from focusing on something productive to relieve stress, I also try my BEST (capitalized to give emphasis lol) to stay away from the sources of stressors. I choose my companion well. As much as possible I keep myself away from negative people. I don’t think anyone wants to be associated with someone who can drain all your energy for the day. It’s going to affect your way of thinking and negativity and may even get into your own system of viewing life. I rather surround myself with those full of positivity from within.

How will you know you’re with the right group?

  1. They can boost your confidence when you reached the bottom rock of your game. They don’t tell you what to do. Instead, they’ll provide you support and guidance for you to come up with the best possible solution to your worries.
  2. You can’t or seldom hear them complain about an unfortunate condition. They are an optimist and not a pessimist. It’s too tiring to hear somebody whining a lot, always playing like the world is against them.
  3. They are a source of a happy conversation. How does it feel talking about a lighthearted discussion compared to discussing a news regarding tragedy, violence or love life heartbroken thingy? The latter is anxiety provoking causing stress at some level.

You know better when you have the right crowd. The happiness of your heart says it all.☺

My ultimate stress reliever♥


Perhaps, everyone has their own way of de-stressing both our body and mind. Let’s minimize stress to maintain an optimum level of wellness. <Wink>☺

Happy Workday ahead.



  1. I am truly impressed how well you write! Keep the great power,gorgeous ! Your writing is straightforward and accessible. I’m proud of you!!! One proud friend here hahaha! Writer,Banker,Nurse,Mother,Wife-Ikaw na,Mich!

    1. Salamat sa support Dear Emma♥

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