Sunny morning Pretty Mommas. I can start my blog with completely a different topic but I chose the weather. Why? Because part of the adulting life is starting a small talk discussing about the weather most commonly, the safest way to connect and engage in a conversation. Don’t you agree? I myself who isn’t that good with my social skills would personally choose to talk about the climate situation first just to break the awkward silence. LOL🤣

Too many things to learn and adapt with all these adult life task. From socializing, continuous responsibilities to get done and the list continues. Exhausting, really! That’s why we got to find our own way of breaking the rigid goal oriented journey of being an adult and have a break sometime. For me, my happiness is seeing our humble abode turning into a more of a reflection of ourselves. 😍

Work hard then when I have enough budget saved, I’ll try to find what I can do to renovate our home based in my style. When it gets done and I am seeing the finish output, no matter how stressed I am, staying at the comfort of my house will be my forever stress reliever.

Recently, our upstairs toilet has been fully renovated. Steve recommended to us who can fit our doors as well. I appreciate it a lot when businesses support each other. Steve who did our toilet didn’t know Mark from JUST DOORS personally. It was so nice of him to recommend Mark after seeing his output with the few jobs he had completed.

Here’s our old doors before it got changed. I wanted to have the uniformity of door handles and to get a matt black colour for it, too. Obsessed with uniformity, ey?

Look at that, some door handles were silver while others were gold. I bet the old owner didn’t really mind the colour situation as long as it was properly working,

Our bedroom whilst getting fixed.😊

I’ve seen in Pinterest so much of these designs now a days. I love it. So, viola all our doors in the house will be like this.

The chosen door handles by this Momma. I’m glad Mon wouldn’t mind with my choices. He’ll just let me choose what I wanted. A happy wife equates to a happy life, he believes.🤣

Tadaaaaaaan!😁😁 The neat output of Mark. Please click the link for his FB page.

After all the work has been done, It’s time for me to change my beddings to get rid of the dust from the renovation process. Got the anti allergy mattress protection and the on sale duvet cover from Wilko. Simple happiness of mine is to get a new sheet cover every time.

Before fitting the bed cover, I put on the mattress protection first.

Too spring vibe duvet cover. Love the floral design. I can have the cosiest sleep ever.

Another home update done. Excited to do more as we spend more years with our UK home. Hello to my mini me boy version.

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