First Place Solo Piano Competition 2024

Perfect bed weather to those staying at home on a Monday morning like me.(LOL) Always flexing my rest days at the start of the week while most of the working class are starting their busy week, am I not?🤣Hope everyone's fine doing each of our own task for today.😘 We did a Sunday reset yesterday as a family. I never thought my boy would be so delighted to help me clean the house with us. He amazingly enjoys asking for a task on what to clean in the house to join the cleaning sesh. I was left with few things... Read More

9th Wedding Anniversary

June has been a kind month to us filled with all the joyful events to be grateful in life. Well, everyday should be a day I needed to remind myself to be thankful I am still breathing doing the things I love, isn't it? That's the spirit grateful Momma!❤️ Although I know that life ain't always sunshine and rainbows to be honest. Gloomy days are unfortunately part of the equation in this lifetime. I acknowledge my feelings when I'm down. However, I make it to the point to shoo those cloudy days and let thy sunshine warm my human body.... Read More

6th Year and Counting

One of my most awaited vacation leave for the year finally came. Plans of going anywhere far? Not really. Bound to stay at home for my almost a week of stay at home rest from my demanding job. Anything special? Absolutely yes! Yesterday marked our 6th wedding anniversary. Another milestone achieved for our marriage. Looking back, we were just a couple madly in love with our differences in many aspects who decided to agree to disagree and get our love be officially blessed by our Catholic religion. Through the years several storms we've managed to surpass though we both knew... Read More

Spice Up Your Marriage

I’ve read quite a few articles talking about a successful marriage but never did I come across with a literature stating marriage is an instant perfection of a union to those who were lucky to find the right partner. Creating a mini-paradise experience of being together requires a lot of effort. Effort to make things work with the diversity of two cultures merged into one. It needs the willingness to compromise with each difference of beliefs. It’s more about agreeing to disagree in some aspects. I find it hard to adjust to this concept before because I used to believe... Read More

Miss Granny

Because I’ve earned another free movie tickets from the generous pocket of my superior, I got the chance again to indulge myself and my family for a free movie. Yey! Just so timely, one of my favorite local celebrity Sarah G’s movie entitled “Miss Granny is available still showing in theaters. I didn’t have a hard time deciding which one to view. I was expecting our movie date will be cancelled last Saturday due to some bad weather conditions. Good thing, my gang was more persistent than me. They weren’t bothered with neither the advance warning of PAG ASA weather... Read More

Emily and Roy Nuptials

Until now, I am still feeling overwhelmed with happiness after witnessing the wedding of one my close friends. Emily and Roy decided to legally seal their relationship with marriage yesterday. Who can’t be happy knowing your friends finally found their lifetime partners? Have you tried getting teary and emotional seeing someone getting married. I’ve just had experienced it last night. The event was just too beautiful not to be emotionally carried away with their intense love for each other. I’ve known them since 2011. It was Emily whom I met first for we were both part of the same cluster when... Read More

My Heartwarming Reasons To Be Thankful For My Husband

I spent half of my one day off last week sleeping. I was so exhausted with my workload. I am not complaining about it for I am still thankful that I have a decent job to help me generate income for my family. For my last work commitment, I rendered 16 hours duty for one shift as required. I enjoyed my shift in performing my duties of course. What’s with the terrific work schedule then that I need to talk about on this post? I’m certain others may have more toxic job than I do. Well, it’s not about my... Read More

Part of Us That We Will Cherish Forever

Before I slept last night, I gave my husband a random question for him to reflect about our marriage. I love engaging in a meaningful conversation with him because I can sense that he always take my questions seriously and he provides honest answers too. I asked him about his insights and realization about how we are in the past as couples and how it affected our relationship in our married life. He paused for a moment, trying to organize his thoughts. He normally does that whenever I ask him something. This was his response: MON: I’ve realized that we... Read More

How Thoughtful Are You?

Pasalubong is a Filipino term which means a gift from someone returning from a trip. It brings excitement and happiness to us while waiting for our love ones to arrive home safely. This is one thing that I am excited to receive from Mon whenever he is away from home for a long travel or even if he is just away from his work office. I’m like a 7 year old child at heart eagerly waiting for him to come home. Mon usually arrives home late from work. Sometimes, both Akyn and Me are already sleeping when he arrives. He... Read More

Stop The Blame Game

I can now relate to the hassle that parents are experiencing in bringing their active toddlers inside the church. I felt pity for Mon who was the one looking after Akyn when we attended the mass yesterday. Akyn couldn’t sit still in one place. Five minutes were long enough to make him behave. His Dad had no choice but to give in to his demands to walk and brought him outside or else he would make a scene while the mass was on going [caption id="attachment_1129" align="alignnone" width="2592"] Daddy with Akyn attending Sunday's Mass[/caption] I was amazed with Mon, he... Read More

Rules For A Happy Marriage

One of our wedding gifts that I like most is this wooden wall frame with a meaningful message about keeping the married life strong. This was given to me by my college friend. Let me share you a picture of it. Wedding is a one day happy celebration of the formal union between lovers taking their vow in front of God, but after the ceremony it's when the real married life begins. Marriage isn't just about the honeymoon stage. It can't be compared to the fairytale stories in books we thought to be real when we were kids. Marriage needs to be fed by the couples... Read More

When I Crushed His Soul

We had our first team meeting last week in the office with our new teammates for our new schedules. I am thankful that I still got the same schedule that I had last year which makes it easier for me to plan my vacation leaves. I just hope that I will still retain my current schedule for the next 6 months. Change is the only thing that is constant in our line of business and I have learned to adjust to it. Oh, come on who wouldn’t be able to adapt to it if you love your job, right? (sanguine mood) One... Read More

Reminiscing Our Big Day Preparation Journey

I would consider myself young for marrying at the age of 26 for a career woman like me. My friends were asking me if I was pregnant and speculating if that was the reason why I decided to tie a knot with Mon. Of course not! Mon and I were certain we were both destined to be together and there was no point of delaying the date of being an official Mr. and Mrs. Abilar. When we started planning to get married, we started from scratch. We didn’t have any joint savings bank account nor both of us were born rich. We... Read More

My Sweet Valentino

A week before Valentine’s Day, I told Mon I filed for a vacation leave for February 14. I didn’t feel like going to work during Valentine’s day not because I will be going on a date, but because I didn’t like to get caught in a traffic jam. He laughed at me when he knew that I filed for a time off request from work and said, "Are you planning going on a date somewhere with me?” “Those things are just for new lovers,” he added with a smirk on his face. I got irritated with his statement and instead... Read More

Akyn’s 1st Birthday Preparations (December 30,2016)

Akyn's birthday fall on the 30th of December which is celebrated as Rizal's Day here in the Philippines. December is such a busy month with all the Christmas parties and Reunion parties, that means we needed to book our suppliers as early as possible last year. I was the one who chose the birthday theme for Akyn (mother knows best). As you all know from my previous post (Akyn's Christening) that I had shared about how much I am into bears, so this time I opted to have Winnie the Pooh and Friends birthday theme. I'll share with you some... Read More

I am Here to Serve My Husband

If you apply for a credit card, written disclosures are provided to the customers to be informed of the benefits as well as the terms and conditions of the bank in using the card. When Mama knew about our plan to get married, she gave Mon a verbal disclosure about me and said, “Are you sure you want to marry my daughter?" "She doesn’t know any household chores." "She can’t even cook a decent fried egg?” I was expecting Mon to provide a sugar-coated answer but it was a straightforward response I’ve heard. “I’ll teach her,” he said. What a... Read More