Employee of the Month

When I look back to the times when we were still building our dreams and do a memory lane to where we are now in reference to the original goal we had, I couldn’t stop myself to say my praise to thy Heavens. How? Like how did we manage to make our dreams realized? What did we do to deserve all these graces? And the list of questions continue of surreal feeling at this moment.

Mon received his award as the employee of the month from his work place. We were very much elated getting such a wonderful news. We can still remember in 2020 when he first came to the UK and was looking for a vacancy for his dream job and got several unsuccessful applications. He received loads of unpleasant sideswipe remarks from the people surrounding us about his perseverance of following what his heart desires for a job he will settle. He experienced rejection and then another rejection for his job applications. However, these failures and hurtful comments never stopped him from doing his best to continue his passion. The Lord’s mercy heard our plea and gave us one company who trusted Mon’s abilities.

Until now, he is still working under the same company paying the gratitude for the opportunity to exercise his skills as a software developer. Mon is loving his journey with them. It’s really true that if you love what you are doing, the output of your work will reflect your enthusiasm and love for your craft. Thank you for appreciating Mon’s workmanship. I am a proud wife seeing him grow in his professional development. Akyn and I will always be your number fan in everything you do. Congratulations my Love.

This wonderful news calls for a celebration. Whether there is a reason to celebrate or not, these two are more than willing to eat out anytime.😍

I got the deep fried chicken.

Mon ordered steamed fish.

Akyn wanted any kinds of Lumpia.

Akyn’s fried rice and fried squid.

Insert my newest craze. It ain’t relevant to this post but I just wanted to share that AVON scents are so simply amazing. It’s not as expensive as the luxurious perfumes, however the fragrance is so classy. Love it.

Had my Akyn hair trimmed just before class starts.

The Mama and Baby pose. Never stop believing in yourself to fulfil your dreams pretty Mommas.😍

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