Floating Charge

I thought I was going to have an uneventful Sunday but something came up making my weekend a bit stressed. I’m still wanting to enjoy the lazy bedroom feeling of my day off at home with my family where we were free to wake up anytime without rushing to avoid getting late. How I wish I could extend my day off until today.☺

So what exactly happened last Sunday?

We went grocery shopping in SM Hypermarket Lapu Lapu and upon making the payment like any usual routine, I handed my credit card to the cashier. Both my cards from RCBC and Citibank had no response from the issuing bank when they attempted to process my payment. Good thing I got an available cash to pay for my items. The sales clerk advised me to contact my card providers why the card didn’t work.  I knew I still got more than enough limit  to cover for my purchase and my cards are all up-to-date when it comes to payment.

Just to make sure everything was fine with my credit cards, I called my bank providers to check the status of both. Lo and behold, my RCBC had a recent payment for the same transaction  for my groceries while my Citibank card showed two payments of the same amount also. Though all activities were showing as pending, the fact that the three of them were approved, it means the charges will add up to my balance owing once charges are posted. It was like I’ve been charged for nothing.

I coordinated with the merchant and requested them to remove the floating charges from my cards as instructed by my card providers. Only them can request the removal of pending charges. I’m still waiting for the response from SM for any action taken regarding my request. Hopefully they can fix my concern ASAP.

I am not complaining on why it should be my card which happened to experience the said mishap. As per the gospel last Sunday, the officiating priest interpreted it by stating, our Lord will give us a test enough for our human capacity to handle. Perhaps, I was given this type of worries because I am quite aware of some bank related concerns especially pertaining to credit cards. Pray for my floating charges beautiful Mommas please♥

Despite all the dramas with my card, I still managed to prepare something appetizing for my handsome men. My time off can’t just be ruined because of the POS terminal trouble.♥ Flip my hair and shake my waist to move on from it.☺


I made pancakes with chocolate syrup on top and Penne Rigate pasta with spaghetti sauce sprinkled with lots of cheese



Yum♥img_20180916_1340181054909886.jpgPaired it with our neighbors barbecue. Oh gosh my night is complete!☺


I’m going to call SM accounting department tomorrow again. Wish me luck.☺


  1. Looks Delish! Please take out next time and bring to the office please. Stress Eating indeed after the CC issue. Oh Well, that’s effective! Just be positive though, Everything happens for a reason. Charooooot! LOL

    1. hahahahaha…Sa susunod pag gumawa ako mag dadala me sa work…pwomiz

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