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It’s my rest day finally after four straight nights. Wohoo I survived! Thank you Lord. What’s the plan for today? Just get some groceries with either me or Mon going because of the imposed lockdown policy then going back home spending time with my family. That’s it really for now, no shopping, no fun travel, nothing. It’s like we are back to the life in the past wherein home is the perfect place to hang out. Something positive from the dilemma we are all facing.

“But when will this pandemic crisis come to an end?” This is everybody’s question about the Coronavirus world health concern. Who would have thought this would ever happen where most of our daily routines had drastically changed without having the chance to be ready. It is seriously alarming.

While most people are now doing their part to help stop the spread of the disease by staying at home, others are left with no choice but still to report on duty. My job as a nurse is finally now getting more appreciated. I am thankful for those who sees our effort to serve because to be honest no matter how worried we maybe of putting not just ourselves at risk but also our families at home, we still need to work because it is our job to care.

Everyday before going to work my only request to my husband and my son is to always pray for my shift to be safe. Safe in performing my expected task to my patients and most importantly safe for me not to get harmed while at work. I draw my strength from my faith in HIM. A simple conversation to start my day like,“Lord it’s another day in the battlefield. Please be with me always.” He knows I’m scared. My Little altar at home.


I thought going to work is the only challenge for me to combat with my own fears but no. Going home feels the same after shift. You know that feeling pretty Mommas when you are too tired and all you want to do is to get the warm cuddle from you baby but you obviously can’t because you need to disinfect yourself first before touching them. Need to take a bath before and after work. Tedious, isn’t it?Please pray for all the frontliners. It’s a big help for us.

So this must be the new kind of life for all of us? (Sigh) Anyway, for my rest day I wanted to spend every bit of it with my boys. Yasss, I can now relax my tired muscles, have the loudest laughter to share with them. Who wouldn’t look forward to this kind of chill moments?

What do you normally do to keep you busy at home? This is our first plan for the rest shift. Mon went to grocery ALONE for the first time. If you’ve seen some funny videos of some guys going crazy on what to buy for their household needs because only one is allowed in the family to be out, it is definitely true. He called me several times to double check if he was getting the right item.

Just like this photo for example.Why did you buy peppercorns? It wasn’t part of my request?” I asked for bell peppers and this was what he got for me. (LOL) Nice try!


To be fair he did get the rest of the list right for our Akyn’s new favorite snacks. We’re trying to let our baby boy get used to the local food here. If you are migrating to a new place with your child, it is always a challenge to let him adapt not just to the place but to the food as well as most kids are quite picky in terms of satisfying their palate. We still consider rice for our breakfast though. A typical Filipino day won’t be complete without rice, wouldn’t you agree? Cereals are just for snacks in case he gets hungry.


Akyn wanted to have the Skyflakes chocolate cracker but because we can’t find any Asian store who sells it, we’ve found an alternative for his request, these Chocolate Digestive. He’s very picky when it comes to biscuits. Happy he loved them.


My boy is a yogurt addict,too like me. We loved it no matter what brand it would be. These four didn’t last for a day if we didn’t stop him from consuming everything.


And these fruit juice won’t be absent from the list. I’m not a fan of prune juice but Akyn likes it. It tasted weird or maybe I’m not used to this kind of juice.


There are just so many things to do at home with them apart from the non stop cleaning of my Akyn’s mess after playing. Have you been bleaching everything you see at home. Well, tell me more about it because I do.


DIY projects never fails to make me happy. Got a new wall frame as the result of too much staying at home when I am not at work or not out to buy houseneeds. That’s my little family of three, young and still full of hope to realize our dreams to grow old together. Bought it from B&M. They are giving 10% discount to NHS employees. Just show your badge to claim it. Thank you for recognizing us.


Experimenting food for them is one of my favorite activity at home especially that we usually do it all together. We aren’t that perfect chief to be honest. Learning everyday to make our cooking preparation better than the previous one is what we practice. This is a shrimp soup with sweet corn and veges. Akyn loves it.


No boredom when you have a four year old boy at home who loves to use his creative imagination to create his own play station. He calls this as his crib.


This is just a challenging phase we are all facing. This too shall pass as the Lord says. Though I am really scared to report on duty, I am convincing myself that all my effort is for the better future of my family. Needed to be tough beautiful Mommas.


Be safe everyone. The Lord God will save us from this.


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