Idle Is Not My Favorite

While reading some articles online I came across with the  famous verse stating,”Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.” I couldn’t agree more to the message for I share the same sentiments when it comes to how I spend my day especially during rest days. Just to clarify being idle is different to getting a good rest after a tiring job. Idle for me simply means choosing to be lazy to do things which we are supposed to be doing. It’s like living with no purpose, opting to be unproductive if you can certainly  do the opposite.

Before coming here my rest days were spent wisely to be with my family. I needed to make the most of my two days day off after a five days straight of frazzled work shifts. Wouldn’t you do the same too working Mommas? But here, my life is entirely different compared to how it used to be. Rest days can be a period of emotional torment because reality will sink in that you got no family to enjoy the beautiful weather or it can also be an exciting day to start new routines you’ve never done before. I am starting to choose the latter. I hope we got the same choice.

I have few suggestions to share to lessen the boredom and to avoid idle moments during rest days.

Discovering shops nearby– Instead of sulking at home thinking about how empty my life is now, I better use this free day of getting to know stores in my area. Thanks to my patient shopping buddy who neither complained nor got fed up following me in checking each shops in town. That’s how girls shop, anyway! Please say hi to my friend Lian the master chef.


I envy his God given talent when it comes to cooking. He’s one of those talented chaps who can can cook with eyes closed. Seriously, yes! I must be sleeping when God showered the grace of cooking skills in managing the kitchen. Upsetting, isn’t it? Lol. Please don’t get tired of preparing delish food for the gang bro.


Here’s one of my new favorite store, the TK Maxx. Jaw dropping with eyes twinkling in amusement upon seeing my favorite boxes. I can’t get enough of them. They serve as my organizer for all my stuff in my room.


I’ve discovered one of the toy shops selling a variety of toys at a reasonable price. It’s called The Entertainer. Their prices are even way cheaper compared to the toys in Toy Kingdom in the Philippines.


Few collectibles for Toy Story. These are my Akyn’s most loved cartoon characters.



Continuously making your mind active through reading or writing- My inclination to writing didn’t only help me improve my writing skills. It helped me unleash the hidden dragon in me. What on earth does that mean? It means I have an outlet to release my unspoken opinion about everything allowing my mind  to be preoccupied in a healthy way.

Reading is another option to stimulate your brain’s creativity. That’s true! Why? Because every time you read flipping each page of the book, gives you the freedom to imagine how the author describes the series of events in the story. You are the master to portray the scene on how it should be,no one else but you. Some thrift shops in town sells affordable books. I got these five for a pound.


If buying a book is a bit expensive try borrowing some from your generous friends. Thanks to one of my new friends for lending these two terrifying Japanese horror themed collections. I’m almost done reading the first one. So addictive because I’m  finding it hard to stop once I’ve started. Gracious sakes!


Getting things organized– I can’t stand seeing my room disorganized. Who would want to sleep in a rubbish room? My task for this weekend is to keep all my stuff in one container so I won’t have a hard time looking for them. Got a new box for my school supplies. My fetish for boxes and tin cans at its finest.





My make up kit in one tin can.Obsessed to an organized life, I should say. (


There are so many open doors in life we can start exploring than staying idle. Staring on an empty wine glass won’t change anything if you won’t get up and pour wine on it again. Do something for a change! Choosing between procrastinating and staying idle or taking baby steps to continue where life has broken you is within the tips of your fingers.


Have a nice weekend lovely earth creatures.












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