Junction 32 Half Term Break

Good morning beautiful world! Another blogging day for me on a rest day. We’ve just finished our half term break yesterday. Today is the first day of back to school routine of Akyn which means I got my Me time moment again to finally organize my thoughts to write.😍

One thing I’ve learned in our UK family journey is every school break means an opportunity to get some time off so we can spend it together with our boy. A time off from work is a must for exhausted working adults like us.(LOL)🤣 Nothing beats the smile of this young man every time we plan to go somewhere nice that we’ve never been to before.

Going to Junction 32 Shopping Outlet in Castleford was our destination last weekend. A little bit cold but thankful for Mr. Sunshine brightly showing up in the morning. It took us about an hour and a half drive from Hull to Castleford. Not that far, ey!

Me and my Akyn random pose within the outlet store. Our main aim is to explore the shops, of course and to let Akyn play in the nearby rides across the outlet. Hitting two birds with one stone, isn’t it?

You’ll know it’s a school break because you will see a lot of children with their parents or grandparents having a good time together wherever you go. 😁

We got no specific list in mind on what to buy. All we did was to explore the shops and see if there was anything we like. These two were so busy shopping while this Momma was disrupting their moment by asking them to look at my camera for a shot. Documentation is a must to tell a photo blog story.

Nike prices are cheaper in this outlet shops compared to other outlets we visited before.

The Sweet Emporium is my Akyn’s fave during the trip. Loads of sweets to choose from.

Chocolate Doughnuts with Nutella is something I’m so glad to eat again. We decided to have a light lunch because later in the afternoon, we wanted to get super full in one of the tastiest restaurant we did try before here in Castleford.

There’s a playground inside the shopping vicinity. I left Akyn and Mon to play here and had to do some shopping in the Next outlet opposite to it because my boy wanted to enjoy playing before heading to the eating place I wanted.

OOTD shot. 🤣🤣🤣 Adding some pop of blue green shades of Paul Costelloe bag.

We hopped in first across the outlet to visit the little kids fair in Xscape Castleford. For only ten tokens (10GBP) Akyn was able to try all the rides in here.

This is the eating place I wanted to visit again called the Harvester. I would suggest you book in advance before heading to as the place gets packed during peak hours.

They have an unlimited salad bar and bottomless frizzy drink for everyone.

Mon had:

HALF ROTISSERIE CHICKEN (copied from their menu)

Freshly roasted, basted with sauce and served with buttered corn and a side of your choice, mashed potato.

I ordered:

THE 1983 HARVESTER COMBO (copied from their menu)

Half a rotisserie chicken and a half rack of BBQ glazed ribs. With sage & onion seasoned chips, buttered corn and our speciality chicken gravy with chosen side, mashed potato.

Akyn got the cheese mac and chips

Welcome to our no inhibition shopping habit. Few knickknacks of Akyn from the Sweet Emporium.

I searched in Youtube first before coming in here what are the most suggested shops to go and the Grape Tree was one of them. If you are into healthy and organic snacks then this will be one of your fave place to go. I got three bags of fruit and nut mix and banana chips ready for our Netflix movie marathon evening.

I like placing lots of scent diffuser around the house. It’s feels more welcoming. I bought one in Next here in Hull and placed it in our living room. It smells divine! So, when I went to another Next Outlet here in Castleford, I made it sure to buy another one for our entry way.

My Akyn’s own kind of chosen perks. He’s into Lego building now. He did amazingly complete this Minecraft Lego on his own. I got to find another place in his room to display this.

Got a huge present for my self from Select. I’m too lazy too show it without me sporting it to complete an outfit. Maybe on my next blog when I get the chance to do an OOTD photo. 😁

My top pick for my haul is from the Denby Pottery. It’s my first time visiting this store and I can attest how much I fell in love with their products. They are absolutely beautiful. I bought two Heritage Orchard Accent Large Mug and four pieces of Heritage Orchard Accent Medium Plates.

That was one lovely school break again for this year. More to come!


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