Kindness is Tricky

This happened last week when I was preparing a formal email to send to someone I am not in agreement with her demands regarding a dispute. I got so enraged typing all my arguments then my five year old boy suddenly said,”Kindness is so tricky Mommie?” Mon was already laughing asking Akyn if I was not kind to someone and without hesitation answered, Yes to Mrs—–. Tried to reason out my action saying,“Well, Mrs— wasn’t kind to me either!” He shut my mouth with this statement,“You still need to be kind to those who are unkind Mommie.”

Also, last Sunday after Mon and Akyn attended the mass while I was so busy at work, my Baby asked Mon to buy me some stickers. He exactly knew my love for stickers. This Momma was so happy after the tiring shift. How thoughtful my little man is.

I wish I have the pureness of my boys’ heart.

In an adult reality world kindness to those who are unkind doesn’t work for me a hundred percent. Sometimes it does but most often NOT. (Lol) I’m not rude to those who treated me horribly. I simply IGNORE them. That’s how I function and it works.

What do I mean with ignoring people?I cut ties not just because I don’t like them but mainly with their attitude towards me. I’m not perfect to judge people to label them rude right away. It would take several instances before I would say,”No, this is the end of my tether!” I won’t be talking to you anymore.” What’s the point of maintaining your communication to someone who can’t even respect of who you are. So, if you got some circle of people like that, think about it now girl if that friendly relationship is worth keeping with.(LOL)

Will that be considered UNKIND to distance yourself?Hmm not really as you are not hurting others. You are only protecting your inner peace. Don’t go with the wrong crowd who can’t help you grow. Focus on to people who will always be there for you no matter what. In my case, my family is my greatest anchor tested through time.

To wrap it up about my take to kindness I would rather say be kind to those who are kind to you. And for the rest? Nah, I can’t be bothered!

Nice morning fellas.


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