Know My Worth( Employee Appreciation Week)

This was an amazing week for us as employees who are currently connected to a prestigious company. It’s our employee appreciation week. Wohoo! I love how my employer recognizes our contribution to the success of the business. I may not be able to mention the name of the business as part of the company’s policy.

I’ve been working with the firm for almost 6 years now and I can’t think of any major experiences that caused so much dissatisfaction to me as an employee. Maybe, there were few instances when I was upset about some changes which affected me, but not a totally negative incident that could make me decide to look for another employer.

No company is said to be perfect, that’s true. Imperfections within the business can be corrected though depending on how the employee and the employer work it out to find the solution. What we normally practice within the organization is we provide an honest feedback to the management. In return, the management reviews our concern and shall  provide a prompt response on what can be done to correct the service.

I find it amazing on how they listen to our small voices. I can really feel I am considered as part of the company and not just a mere number to complete the census of their target workforce. It’s seldom to find an employer who values our worth as an individual.

I am thankful for the opportunity given 6 years ago when I tried my luck to be part of one of the best employers. Never had I imagined I will reach this number of years in any company I’ll be working with, but here I am still happily doing business with them.

What made me last to work with my employer?

They provide time to appreciate the work that we do. Little surprises were distributed everyday for this week to celebrate our hard work for the firm. It may not be that expensive treats but the thought of letting us feel our importance is so overwhelming.

Feedback Channels are available. The company sends us E-mail messages for a pulse survey about the performance of the enterprise as whole, the effectivity of the manager’s in handling the team, and the comfort as well as the cleanliness of our workplace is even evaluated. This allows our opinions to be heard by the upper management.

They let us know on what’s going on with the firm. I like the transparency about the status of the business and the possible changes that may happen are disseminated before being implemented. I am not always happy about those news, just like my new schedule now but I appreciate the effort for letting the employee be aware that an impending doom is about to happen (lol). (I am counting the days for the next shift bid)wink☺

 Our progress towards climbing the ladder of promotion in the corporate world is well monitored. Our direct managers would allocate time for a one-on-one coaching checking both our short and long term goals. Whenever I am asked if I am interested to assume another role, my answer has always been a consistent NO. I am still happy and contented as to where and what my duties are as of the moment. Perhaps, in the future I may consider such but not for now.

I am thankful for they host several events to promote camaraderie. We have team building, company gatherings such as family day, Cluster parties and Christmas party. All these events encourage work and life balance. It’s quite exhausting if all we have to think are only about numbers and work issues everyday. We need to have a break too. Employees aren’t robots. WE ARE HUMANS.

To all employers reading out this post, kindly consider some of those reasons I provided if you would somehow want to improve the retention rate of your employees in your business organization.

To those companies who are already giving an excellent treatment to their working people, KUDOS to you. Your business will surely last.



  1. Wow, those are some wonderful points. Employers, please make a note and I am sure it will result in high retention percentage of employees. 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping your comment Kavita.☺

  2. This seems like a stellar company to work for! I know I love feeling valued and feeling worth something at work. I have had bad and great bosses and great bosses make their employees know their worth to the company!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience about some of your supervisors. Hope you’re working with a great boss now.

  3. I think that is amazing. It helps when you have a place of work that offers a good work environment. I also love that they show their appreciation to their employees. I think that is so important and frankly, more companies should show appreciation for their employees. I enjoyed your post! Thak you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Laila for sharing your ideas and for dropping your thoughtful comment.

  4. It sounds like you work for a great company! That’s awesome. I wish it was standard.

    1. Thank you Darlene for reading.

  5. Wow! Looks a awesome company. Not all company are as good as yours. Some are really so rude. All companies must show appreciation and love to their employees so that employees will inspire to do their work.

    1. Thank you Margarette for adding your thoughts about it. Have a nice day ahead.

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