Kurdistan Restaurant

Drinking a cuppa, completely wrapped with my thick blanket while writing this post is my complete description of what I call as my relaxation. Yes rest day, it is. My boys are preoccupied finishing Akyn’s homework in writing the Alphabet. Akyn is almost at the end of his little workbook in less than a week. Whoah! He’s loving it. Thanks God.

When on rest day I oftentimes feel lazy to do anything. If I could only choose to stay within the comfort between my blanket especially now that summer is over. Nooooo! But obviously I can’t. You know the life of a working Momma, don’t you?

So, last week during my time off, we opted to explore some shops to do grocery shopping to nearby shops and decided to have our dinner in one of the restaurants to save me from my cooking task. Our new house has a shortcut route going to Spring Bank where loads of shops are available like fresh veges, food shops and many more. Our decision to choose our location must be a God given gift to us. Apart from being too close to all the shops, my workplace and Akyn’s school, felt settled as well because the place is away from the main road which would mean a quite location for our little family. Blessing!

We randomly chose an eating place to try out for the evening. Had to call Kurdistan restaurant first as our chosen dinner place to inquire regarding their policy for dine in customers. With the pandemic still unresolved, many rules had changed with how few businesses would cater to their customers. Good thing there’s no reservation needed. We can just hop in then eat. Easy!

Only a few customers were in making it easy for us to get served. Just in time because I was literally starving because of sleeping all day skipping my lunch. Yah I was that knackered to forget about the food.

My handsome eating buddies.❤️

The cutest❤️

Starter soup served. Got meat soup tasted like a spaghetti sauce transformed into a soup. Loved it!

This one is a potato tomato soup.

And the third one is called pea soup. All of them tasted divine.

That’s just the start guys and my palate is already enjoying the soup. How much more with the main meal?

Ordered a full meal of a Lamb Biryani served with rice and all the side dishes that melted my hunger away. The steamed Lamb meat tasted like nilagang baka. I was on a cloud nine while finishing this meal.

For Mon he chose Vegetable Biryani. It was a perfect dish although there ain’t no meat on it as per Mon. He is trying to eat more healthy food and I am supporting him for that. No alcohol, less sweets and no meat is his new diet regimen.

Ready to dig in?

Our Akyn got his favorite chips and fish fingers.

Plus a salad which he didn’t even touch. It was me who ate all of it. Lol

He’s chosen desert. Ice cream and a chocolate egg with surprise toy in it.

It was kind of difficult for me to walk after because I got so full with our orders. I never thought one serving would be enough to serve 2 people my size.

Need to burn some calories after the heavy meal by visiting one of the nearest playground near our house.

My energetic Akyn Bokyn.

Amidst the cold weather, we still want to enjoy the happiness of going out together releasing the stress from working.

Goodnight pretties.


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