A dream come true of traveling together finally happened last Sunday when we went to Leeds for the first time. Yay! Thank you Lord. That was our first destination here in England out from Hull where we are based. Super enjoyed the one day escape from our typical day. How much more when we will have few days travel itinerary in the future? That would definitely be a blast I supposed!

After rendering a night shift from my second job, went straight to have a quick shower then breakfast and slept for an hour to recharge myself. It’s like a nonstop movement for me pretty mommas but I love every single of busyness I have. Our expected train scheduled was still at ten am so I got few more time to get ready. My boys were all done having their own shower making it easier for us to prepare the rest of the stuff we needed to bring. Aja!

Akyn was free of charge for our train ride. It’s his first time riding a train so if you could just imagine his excitement on that day. Total fare purchased online for both Mon and I back and forth was 21 pounds each. Not bad,ey?

It’s a requirement now in England to put on mask when in public transport and in going to shops. For us, we wear it whenever we are out of the house really. Social distancing was also implemented on the train’s seating arrangement. We can only sit together if we belong to one household. Only a few passengers were traveling on a Sunday which was an added comfort for us as we didn’t had a hard time looking for a seat.

First on the list to go in Leeds was to have lunch in Blue Sakura. Please Click the link for more information.

Their rate for lunch is for 25.40 pounds buffet. Akyn was again free of charge. He only ate french fries for the entire meal anyway. All Asian menu where absolutely delectable. They gave us an iPad to order our meal and once submitted on their system, they will be the one who shall serve it in our table. WiFi was fast enough to submit every chosen meal we got. I could give them a rate of 5 out of 5 for the meals and the service plus the ambiance was lovely.

Body Temperature check done upon arrival using the wrist tapped on their machine and a hand gel readily made available for everyone to use.

Load of Asian dolls decorated inside the restaurant. I miss home.🎎

I’ll post few photos I got for the meals. These pictures really make me hungy. Noooooooooo.😋

French fries, my Akyn’s favorite. 🧈

Our most requested menu for the day. Gosh, I can’t get enough of these mouth watering dish. 👄

After satisfying our hunger went to a nearby mall where almost everything was on sale due to most items left unsold from the previous season. Excitement activated again. LOL.

Went to several shops before heading home for us to maximise our time there. Say hi to Victoria’s Secret store in Leeds offering a massive sale on that day. Lucky shopper, I am!

It’s one of my favorite brand of mist to wear since before. Happy to finally visit the physical store here ladies. ❤️

The happiest travelers for the day.

Our ever supportive little companion for the long walks.

Apart from shopping, one of our goals for the day was to visit Chatime to quench our addiction to milk tea. My boy could finish half of the large serving alone. Nothin’ beats milk tea for us. On our way to the store we came across a street vendor of Asian sweetcorn. Was this a day of satisfying our Asian palate? Must be because it seemed to shower all the food we we’ve longing to eat.🤣

After how many minutes of walking. Totally lost count of the time while we all tried to search via Google map as to where Chatime was. Finally we arrived to our destination.

Ordered two for Mon and Me but Akyn took Mon’s share leaving him only less than half of a glass left of milk tea. Lol

The two patient customers waiting for their drinks.

Thank you Tita Michio from Baby Akyn for bringing us here.

Our last stop was to drop for some home shopping stuff in Home essence

I’ll write my shopping haul on the next post. 🛍️

I want more of these together as a family. More fun filled adventure to come for us.


  1. What a beautiful restaurant! Reading your post is making me hungry! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sarah. 😍

  2. You make me want to take my family traveling!!!!

  3. Looks lovely, and what delicious looking food, OMG! Even just the cup of street corn looks delicious.

  4. Absolutely love all the pictures in this post. Makes me really miss traveling so much. The UK is so interesting and full of so many cultures.

  5. That restaurant looked absolutely gorgeous. It looks like you had such a fun time there. I will be adding it to my travel list.

  6. So glad England had a variety of Asian foods for you! I hope to one day visit England and I’ll definitely be checking out their Asian cuisine!

  7. Traveling is such a fun experience! Looks like you had loads of fun in England!

  8. Perfect day out and the food looks so yummy. My kids have been begging me for boba tea aka “milk tea.” I think I may have to break down and get it this week after seeing it on your post.

  9. The food looks absolutely wonderful!!

  10. all the pics are great… and glad you were able to take a trip..

  11. I live in the North East of Scotland, but I have never been to Leeds. I heard its a great place. Will visit soon.

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