Let Me Post It

When Social Media became a hit as one of the channels to socialize with people way back when I was in College, I got so hooked into it. I had made a lot of friends online without really knowing them personally. I had the chance in connecting to people regardless of the distance. It was like everything was possible!

I can post whatever I like, share photos and drop comments if I wanted too. Amazing, right?

As I advance my age, I realized some of the negative effects of getting so much engrossed with social media. My private life became not so private anymore.

There were instances when I irresponsibly posted rants about anything I was disappointed without thinking what were the consequences of doing so. It came to a point when I had aired out the dirty laundry of my extended family. It was a total mess and I had to delete all those trashy post during my teens. I’ve learned from such a callous act of mine.

Will ranting in Facebook, for example as the most used social networking site, solve my worries? The answer is NO. Especially when I post cryptic messages without dropping the names of the concerned individual. How will they know they did something awful if I didn’t even confront them about their actions? As they say,” if you can’t say it straight to their faces then don’t post it!”

The more I post, the further the situation gets complicated. Will the people hitting the like or share button and dropping comments truly concerned on what’s going on with my life? NOT everyone, most of them were just an engaging audience, taking pleasure in waiting for the next chapter of the story.

I can totally relate to it now because when someone post an intriguing message, all I can say would be” POP CORN PLEASE”. I’m eagerly waiting for the succeeding drama to happen. We aren’t that close for me to meddle to their personal affairs. I am free to read their sentiments online but I don’t have any right to judge people’s circumstance by giving unsolicited comments.

See, not everyone is interested nor is willing to take part of your misery. Instead of posting it, why not settle it by all means privately.

Aside from posting rants, I’ve learned as well to be mindful on the content of my message before sharing it. One of my online friends posted a controversial issue regarding breastfeeding stating her views about it and her choice shouldn’t be questioned if she choose to feed her coming newborn with a Formula Milk. This statement alone ignites netizens to comment particularly those in the medical fields who are greatly aware of the breastfeeding benefits.

It’s ok to ask if uncertain but I greatly discouraged people posting messages they aren’t sure of its factual background. It’s going to make us a laughingstock of the public and we don’t want to experience it, right?

Social Media for me now is my platform for promoting my blog to inspire my readers , posting my happy pictures, and using it to communicate with people I hold dear to me. Nothing more than that. My LIFE is my BUSINESS and it isn’t open for everyone.

Let me leave you with this beautiful reminder.

Proverbs 18:2

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.




  1. Using Social Media responsibly should be practiced to avoid getting into so much trouble. Very timely post.

    1. Thanks for dropping by

  2. I sometimes shut off my social media account. I find it so upsetting reading those angry posts like they’re ready to start another war on earth. What the! So much negativity. Same as you, I use it to communicate to people. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Social Media can be toxic. I do make some time off in visiting my social media. I don’t like seeing rants and negative vibes coming from my friends post.

    1. Thanks for visiting.=)

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