Lowest Form of Wit

As per the famous quote of Oscar Wilde, “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.” I certainly agree with him because you don’t need to exercise a higher analytical thinking of scorning others with the sharpness of your tongue. How do you handle talking to a sarcastic person? Do you find the conversation helpful by any chance? Or do you find it mean and insensitive?

I also can’t stand dealing with sarcasm. My system isn’t programmed to withstand those particular brand of humor. I find it hurtful to attack someone just for the purpose of being funny. Either it’s done intentionally to degrade a person or unintentionally to lighten up the mood of the topic, I still don’t appreciate the usage of sarcasm.

I had a talk with a family member when unexpectedly he became sarcastic at the middle of the discussion. I simply ended the topic by acknowledging his sarcastic behavior, letting him know I was fully aware he wasn’t listening. Rather, he was attacking me in a passive manner. I am not sure whether it was his way of joking or he was merely throwing a shade on me about a previous misunderstanding he couldn’t afford to confront me about it.

Using sarcasm may mean more than creating a joke. Sometimes it has its own hidden meaning apart from striving to be funny at the expense of somebody.

Sometimes people use sarcasm because of a concealed anger against someone. By stating an insulting statement and ending it with “It’s just a joke”, helps the sarcastic individual get acquitted with the responsibility of the person’s emotions receiving his sarcastic statement. It’s like being mean in a subtle way which is mostly how sarcasm sounds like to be.

Self insecurities drive sarcastic people to behave in a such an offensive manner. They tend to cover up their depressing realization about themselves by putting people down to feel superior. They feel they are better with anyone if they can scrutinize them with his sarcasm. An action that obviously didn’t help to address in facing their insecurities.

Attention seeking behavior, I guess is one of the root causes of sarcasm. Just like most of the trying-to-be funny comedians use during their comedy show except for those who really have the innate talent of making people happy without being sarcastic. It may sound funny for others if you weren’t the subject of being ridiculed in public. Try to be the center of their mockery, pretty sure it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. Nobody wants to be in that hurtful position, right?

In receiving sarcasm I would react to it depending on how I value the person. If he’s someone dear to me like a family member who recently crossed the line of being witty and rude, I simply ignore the act. I’ll pretend not hearing it… won’t give a fuss about it. Sooner or later, he’ll then realized he must have said something not helpful at all for me to ignore his actions.

Often times, if I have the energy to engage in a long discussion of correcting the behavior, I would gladly confront the person I love to stop using sarcasm. It’s not healthy in a relationship, never inspiring and not even kind to say.

On the other hand, if it’s a friend or an acquaintance who habitually uses sarcasm towards me, I’ll directly cut the ties without having second thoughts. No true friend will ever put you in a position to belittle your reputation. It’s so wrong to damage the self esteem of a friend for the sake of getting the feeling of being ahead with someone. Why should we stay anyway in a relationship full of negativity towards us. Perhaps, we may need to give them some space to let them work through their behavior in realizing sarcasm doesn’t bring any good in maintaining a good communication.

Let me end this post with a beautiful quote I’ve received from my workmate recently.


Let’s shake off all those bitter words hidden underneath our tongue.♥

Have a blessed day ahead.☺










  1. Never sarcasm helps to improve communication. It’s irritating to hear someone always attacking you without being obvious. Thanks for pointing this out.

    1. Thank you.=)

  2. You look so pretty in there. I don’t anything funny with sarcasm at ALL..

    1. Thanks for dropping by.=)

  3. A sharp tongue is worst than ever and can create a deep wound into someone’s life. Sarcasm has never failed to hurt people.

    1. Oh! thanks for reading.=)

  4. As nasty as it may sound. I don’t like sarcasm too. It ruins relationship.

    1. Thanks for reading.☺

  5. Sometimes, people are so callous providing sarcastic remarks not minding the negative effect on it to the recipient of the comments. What may mean funny to them may already be detrimental to someone’s feelings. Glad you pointed it out about the negativity brought by sarcasm

    1. Oh, thank you for expressing your thoughts about my post. Have a nice weekends!

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