Making Choices

On my way home yesterday, I saw a man bathing under the old bridge of Marcelo Fernan. What caught my attention was the way he enjoyed the sea with the waves steadily creeping towards him. I watched him soaking his body in the middle of the water using a piece of an empty bucket. He filled the bucket with water then poured it down slowly dripping from his hair to his body.

He could have just swum right away as what people would normally do. But why did he do it differently from what was accustomed?

Maybe he didn’t know how to swim. Maybe he missed bathing using a pail of water. Maybe his style of bathing was really unique. I had formulated lots of possible answers for his actions.

One thing I am certain about, he enjoyed every moment while doing the unconventional way of bathing by the sea. He cared less about what others may think of him.

What I’ve witnessed can be compared to how we enjoy life in our own distinct ways. We have our individual preferences on how we do things. Our definition with happiness may be different from others. What may seem enjoyable to them may appear boring to us and vice versa.

Living a contented life for me doesn’t always mean conforming to what everyone else is doing. We aren’t born to always please people. It would be more appropriate to say, we’re here to please GOD. The gift of life He gave us is a chance given for us to maneuver our destiny based on our choices.

People will always react no matter what we do. We CAN’T PLEASE all of them. Their judgment regarding what is best also depends on their set of values. So why worry on what others may say if you think what you’re doing is RIGHT?

As long as we are not violating both God’s commandments and the Law, we are not taking advantage with someone or injuring people with our decisions, we’re all set to pursue on what we wanted to achieve.

What actions do you think makes you happy? Before I act, often times, I ask myself these questions:

Am I doing this to get an approval from others?

Am I forcing myself to follow them because I find it hard to say No?

Am I joining this activity because it seems everyone is joining too?

Am I trying to be pleasant that’s why I’m doing it?

I’m depriving myself from experiencing the real essence of happiness if these questions will be my basis in every decisions I am to consider. Life is too short for us not to prioritize our own happiness.

We are the master of our decisions. Our life will be the consequence of our preferences for our actions. May it bring a positive or a not so good result because of our judgement, at least we can say to ourselves,” I chased the course on what I think is BEST for me!”


  1. Happy to see you continuing your passion to write. I can remember before when we were still kids, you used to write using those unused notebooks we had with anything. You even tried writing fictional stories. Hahaha. Enjoy writing and be an influencer in your own little way Ate

    1. Awww♥ Love you sissy.

  2. Happiness should come from within and should not be depending on someone else other than ourselves. Great for posting how we should value more our own happiness rather than neglecting it and regretting at the end why we haven’t followed what we really wanted in the first place.

    1. Thank you Liz for sharing your piece about my post.♥

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