Miss Granny

Because I’ve earned another free movie tickets from the generous pocket of my superior, I got the chance again to indulge myself and my family for a free movie. Yey! Just so timely, one of my favorite local celebrity Sarah G’s movie entitled “Miss Granny is available still showing in theaters. I didn’t have a hard time deciding which one to view.

I was expecting our movie date will be cancelled last Saturday due to some bad weather conditions. Good thing, my gang was more persistent than me. They weren’t bothered with neither the advance warning of PAG ASA weather forecast nor the heavy traffic expected in Cebu because of the rain. The show must go on as they say. ☺

Sarah never failed to impress me with the way she brings life to the character in the story. She perfectly fits for a romantic comedy type of plot. The cinema was filled with laughter from the beginning until the movie ended. Our admission fee for our movie tickets was all worth it.

It’s a show suitable for a family movie trip giving several messages for us to contemplate. I’ve learned several life lessons with this film too.

Live your life– During the first part of the film, when Nova Villa, the old version of Sarah, was expressing her deep desire to feel being loved again. She felt empty inside regretting with the way she spent her younger years. It’s a sad reality on what we may turn out to be during our golden years if we won’t spend our life to the fullest. She poured all her life to his son. Though I commend her for portraying to be a great mother, raising the child without a father figure despite of all the difficulties, however, we need to spare some love for ourselves too. Achieving our needs for satisfaction of self fulfillment should not be neglected such as pursuing our dreams to avoid any hang ups for our unrealized wants in the past.

In-Laws Tug of War– Miss Granny lives with her married son together with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. It’s a common scenario where conflict arises if married couples chose to live with their parents simply because our parents have their own belief on how to raise a family which may be opposite to what we thought will work for our starting families.

When there’s a clash between your parents and your spouse, to whom will you listen first?

The moment I vowed to be his lifetime partner, I also made up my mind to make my choice who should I’ll give my loyalty to. I do love my parents, yes, but my allegiance now is with my husband. Same goes with my other half, I am his next priority after God as the center of our union. My husband and I have to set our own rules regarding our decisions. We take our parents pieces of advice seriously but at the end of the day, our judgment will aim to make each of us happy rather than mainly to please our parents and sacrificing our own happiness.

In Genesis 2:24 we read, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

Be sensitive to your Elderly Parents’ needs- There was a scene when Miss Granny was verbally challenged with one of the customers in the cafeteria regarding how genuinely caring is her son to her as to what Miss Granny kept on bragging her loving Ramoncito to them when in fact, his son couldn’t even afford to buy her a new pair of footwear or a decent dress. It hit her feelings hard realizing what she was confronted to was partly true. Sometimes our parents won’t bother asking us to buy them with new stuff not unless they badly need it. It would make them happy if we will initiate buying them some clothes or anything to make them look presentable. I mean they’ve gone thru a lot for us to become who we are now. Isn’t it righteous for us to give them some recognition for their unquestionable sacrifice as parents by treating them well?

The undying love of a Mom- There was a flashback of memories of Miss Granny’s misfortune when her husband died early. She was forced to assume all the responsibilities of raising their son. I felt pity seeing how she managed to switch from one job to another to survive. It even came to a point of getting their food from the piled wastes. A terribly awful scene to see with her toddler waiting for her to find something to eat. I got so emotionally moved with how a Mom can do even the dirtiest job for her child. I felt blessed for not having to go through such agony ( God Forbid). I should be thankful for this life I have. Let’s count our blessings, not our misfortunes. Certainly there’s more to be thankful!

I love watching movies like this serving both entertainment and awareness for the moviegoers to bring home with them. Had a great time ☺ Hope you had a nice weekend too.♥


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