My Fave Wax Melt Creations

I’m quite in a good mood for this morning after finishing to check out my Amazon cart for new cloth textiles and some additional bits for my sewing craft. It’s an accomplishment for a beginner like me in the sewing craft to be able to learn how to operate the machine and get my first projects done. Update for my journey is the finished pillow cases I did. I didn’t realize though that a meter of cloth can only make one piece and a half of a pillow case. I need at least two meters to create a pair of it with one piece extra. I’m eager to show my creations once I can get hold of the other meter missing. LOL😂

My Mama used to sew her DIY curtains, blankets, pillow cases at home. She stopped now because it hurts her back to sit for hours using her manual sewing machine. She’s quite delighted hearing from me getting the interest to learn how to create my own as well for our home. It’s never too late to learn something new, isn’t it Pretty Mommas?

Because I’m required to stay at home, my best buddy for this time is a warm ginger tea for my sore throat. It feels so much better every sip of it. I wanted to make the most of my home time by finishing all my crafts and this blog, too. Who says staying at home is boring? 😂 We never get bored staying at home. Why? Because we love us and our house, a little reflection of each of our personalities.

Can’t go to restaurants because of Covid sickness? No problem! We got take aways always ready to deliver. Ordered this from Larinos via Just Eat. They gave us a free 10″ Cheese and Tomato Pizza. Thank you! We super loved every dish.

My blog for today is to share my new addition to my melts. Yes, I received my melts last week from my other crafty workmate, Lisa. She’s still in the process of making her social media platform to be able to share her products. I so love each of the scented melts she brought as a sample and I couldn’t stop myself from ordering at least six of them for a start. If you’re interested to know more about it (UK BASED only for now), drop me a message in my blog and I’ll surely pass the message to Lisa.

My top pick is the La Vie EST Belle. I got two of these because it’s just so irresistibly sugary fruity smell. I’m obsessed! I’ll have my wax melts later to make our house smells like a lair of a queen. LOL😂😂😂

Next, is the Cotton Fresh. From the name itself, it smells so fresh and kind of floral with a citrus vibe, too. Well done Lisa. I’m so amazed with the effort you’ve put into your craft and how nice it turned out to be.

The other yellow wax melt is called the Olympia that smells like a combo of vanilla and flowers. Love it!

Ice Queen is the purple wax melt that smells like a bubble gum for me. It’s my Akyn’s fave scent because it’s his fave flavor for slushie drinks as well that’s why I ordered it.

The last but not the least is the green one called Kreed His. It reminds me of Mon’s after shower scent. Fresh and clean shower scent, I would describe.

I have already reserved wax melts for the advent calendar and I’m looking forward to get my hands on them. Supporting small businesses not only helps their business grow, it also helps them find joy of getting their talents recognized. So, if you know a friend who is starting a business, be the first person to encourage them, support them. Every little act of sharing helps, remember that.

Sunny but chilly morning Pretty Mommas. I’m wearing my first ever creation of my oversized scrunchie.

  1. I need to get a good wax melter to use with my candles and get some wax melts. There are a few Etsy shops with wax melts that I’ve had my eye on.

  2. I just love wax melts. It’s good to get some new fun scented suggestions! Enjoyed reading your post and love that you are supporting other friends in small business!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. The food from Larinos looks delicious! These wax melts sound really nice too!

  4. The Ice Queen wax sounds like it would be my favourite!

  5. I have to try those wax melts! I also would like the La Vie EST Belle one because I tend to go for fruity aromas.

  6. Have never used them but your post makes me want to 🙂

  7. Ok dinner looks yummy! So great they can deliver right to your door.

  8. My mom had that same porcelain girl behind the purple wax melts when I was a little girl. Great, reminder to support small business 💜

  9. This is timely since I am actually looking for wax melts. Thank you for sharing your favorites. Will check them out.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

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