My Sister Nailed It

Finally, it’s March. The month in which the school year closes here in the Philippines. I presume the teachers are busy sorting out their medals and certificates to whom they are going to award them.

Let’s talk about achievements and awards then as my first entry for the month of March.

My sister’s schedule last January was so hectic preparing for the Regional Athletic tournament which was held in our town place. She was busy preparing her classroom as one of the rooms that would accommodate the athletes together with their respective coaches. Aside from the preparation responsibility, she was also the coach for the Taekwondo Team representing the City of Naga, Cebu. After her class, she spent at least an hour or two for her players’ daily practice. She’s a competitive type of coach and couldn’t afford to miss one practice.

Her constant effort bore fruit. She was elated two of her players were awarded as the gold medalist for girl’s category. We were not yet certain if she is going to represent as the coach for the Palarong Pambansa ( National Tournament) for Region 7 team. She was more than happy for being  part of the Regional competition and if she will be chosen as the coach for the National level, then we will consider that as another blessing.


Being a coach for a regional competition means so much for teachers who are aiming to get promoted. When you will be hired as a Government teacher, you will automatically assume the Teacher 1 position. If you want to advance yourself to a higher level which is Teacher 2 then to Teacher 3 and so forth, you need to earn points by joining seminars, being a coach for competitions and upgrading your educational level through enrolling yourself to Graduate studies. Just for the record, I am not a teacher but I knew all about these information from my sister.We share a lot about anything under the sun.

Last week, just before the month of February ended, I received a call from her notifying me she got 2 good news for me. Not just 1 but 2 good news. Fantastic, isn’t it?

She was chosen to represent Region 7 coach for Taekwondo  which will be conducted in Antique Philippines. I could sense her excitement over the phone while telling me about it. She even sent me a screenshot about the social media notification she received.


This is the second blessing. She got this ornamental tablet for the recognition of her exceptional service. The plaque is for the recognition  of being an outstanding teacher for their division. Being nominated to be one of the outstanding teachers is already an honor but winning the slot is just totally amazing to get such pride.


I am so proud of your achievements. More to come baby girl.

Beautiful Sissy


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