My Webtoon Fantasy Versus Him My Reality

I getting addicted reading cartoon Webtoon comics online and even had completed few of them in one day. The male protagonists in most of the stories I read were all described as close to perfect partners every woman desires to be with. The almost too good to be true fantasy characters made me to compare about my husband’s way of caring for me.

I once blurted it out to him why he couldn’t be as perfect like the comics I’ve been reading. It’s a ridiculous question, I know! Rather than getting defensive, he laughed it out while saying,” Webtoon  must have gone thru your system that much to compare me with cartoons!” “I am way better than those characters because I am a real human,” he continued.

I must have digested it into my body all those emotional provoking cartoons to question him about his love for me. I then realized my stupidity. His feelings for me can’t be compared with just any cartoon figures in a non real world. Cartoon leading men may appear flawless in many aspects be it the physical features or how their characters were illustrated based on the plot, but they weren’t real. They were merely part of the author’s imagination of his own perception of a perfect partner. My husband has done so many things I failed to appreciate. I then started to pick out his latetes sweet deeds towards me.

Hope these can inspire men reading this post to be extra sweet to their wife.

I had a terrible cough early morning before going to work. It felt like a thick mucus filled phlegm was sliding from my throat with every exertion I made to expel it. Without asking my husband for anything, he picked the orange fruit from the table and gave it to me and said, “Eat it.”

I took a shower without minding of getting a towel first. I felt lazy in going upstairs and getting it. After taking a bath, I was about to ask him to get the towel for me but to my surprise he left it in front of the toilet door before I even called for his attention.

There was an instance when I asked him to purchase an over-the-counter medication for my minor body discomfort. I was upstairs waiting for him to call me downstairs after getting what I needed. Instead of him asking me to go down, he went to our room carrying the medicine with a pitcher of water without being told.

I was caught on a commitment before that took him 4 hours of waiting before I got dismissed. I never heard him complain about the long wait. He is a living role model of practicing the virtue of patience.

These acts of warm-heartedness were not simply part of a creative work from any fictional book. These were authentic and were done with pure intentions of expressing his affection. I consider myself blessed to earn God’s favor in deserving him to be with me. His feelings for me is exceedingly way better that those stories. There maybe few misunderstandings within our marriage causing us to get extremely irritated but at the end of the day, nobody can change the fact that I am his WIFE and he is my HUSBAND.

I sometimes hate you but I will continuously love being with you.






  1. hahaha You may want to stop reading those fictional novels. Your getting addicted to it lol.

    1. You bet. I should control my addiction to these cartoon figures…hahaha

  2. I also love Webtoon. try reading my Cold Blooded King. You’ll love all the characters. They were nicely portrayed.

    1. Oh Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been following that story too. Yay!

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