Welcoming My Mid-Thirties Life

I was kind of looking forward to celebrate my birthday few weeks ago because I will have my shopping time in my chosen shopping area without worrying of using my own card to pay for it. Mon is going to pay for me as a treat. (LOL) Is it always about treating myself thoughts? 😂😂Nooooooo!

I’m excited to welcome another year in my human existence to explore what more the earth can offer or what more I can give to the world. I don’t have any special skills to be boastful about but maybe, just maybe, there might be something from my ordinary self that can be of use to others. Who knows?☺

Anyway, I’m just happy to celebrate another year full of memorable joys with my family. The fact that I can still do all my everyday chores, I can still find hope in every challenging situation and I can continuously say my praises to the Lord for all the blessings he showered unto me are my biggest gifts for this day. Everyday is an opportunity for me to appreciate life but this day made it extra special because it marks the day when I had completed another year in my human life.

I don’t intend this post to be too sentimental Pretty Mommas but you know what? I can’t help myself but to feel extra dramatic.😪My previous year had squeezed my strength too much that I can’t even imagine how I manage to surpass EVERYTHING. (Tissue on the side whilst typing this) It made me realized how cruel the world can be even if you tried everyday to live in the rightful way, you are not excused to be hurt. People will smashed your inner peace and the sad thing is, even your own relatives can hurt you too badly beyond what you can imagine. I prayed and prayed so HARD for strength and God never left me during those moments. I can label my previous year as the CRUEL YEAR, yet I chose to remember it as the proof of my TOUGH MICH YEAR.

This chapter, I’m praying it to be calmer, happier and may it be full of happy memories for me.😍 This is us starting the morning full of smiles before going to church.😍Akyn is very gracious always ready to pose with me for photos.

I wanted to include our yesterday trip to LEEDS with my advance birthday gift received after I passed my exam for my ILR application. My boys came to send me to the testing centre and patiently waited until I finished the online test.

We took some shots before heading home. We also have another appointment in the afternoon for Akyn to attend his classmate’s birthday celebration. So, haven’t stayed long enough to stroll in LEEDS. I was actually trying not to spend much on this trip because of our next day drive to York Designer Outlet.😍

My St Charles Choir friends prepared a lil present for me after mass. Thanks for sharing your lovely voices dear friends.

Tadaaan. My little gifts haul from Monoy. Thank you my Love for all these treats. I’m excited to read Britney’s book and to use all of my new babies for my next OOTD travel.😍

York Designer Outlet made a winter wonderland little area free for the shoppers to enjoy and of course, take photos as much as we wanted to.

Got a huge fish and chips for all of us but then our palate was looking for rice so we ordered some from Yo!

Kudos to York Designer Outlet for the splendid view they’ve created. So lovely!

We had so much fun on this day and looking forward for more of this kind of family time.

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