Natural History Museum London Day Three

I spent like almost an hour of videocall talking to my sister back home sharing all the juicy updates happening in each of our lives. It feels nice to have someone to whom you can call as your BFF/sister, isn’t it? I got somebody I can share both my happiness and my not so good day. And I’m confident she won’t drag me down using my weaknesses, the bad side info of me I’ve shared with her.

I’ve met a lot of people to whom I’ve thought was a FRIEND to me apparently they are the opposite. They’ll just dressed themselves as nice as they can enough to deceive and gain your trust. Once you’ve unfolded the real you to them, gained your trust, they’ll go around in town then celebrate the power they have against you, destroy your reputation, twist the truth to make them glamorous. So, be careful not to confuse with the difference of friends vs enemies as to whom are we going to classify those around us. Much better not to be attached to anyone else. Should I stop becoming more friendly and be difficult to the homo sapiens? Maybe I will be showing the sanguine mood for a chosen few only. Did my faith in humanity has failed me once again? 😒

Enough of the rant! Sorry pretty Mommas, just needed to release it in few lines. Anyway, I got a more happy update about our third day during our London trip. I’ve booked in advance for us to go in the Natural History Museum. We tried to book it last year when we went to London but due to the fact that it was also the Springbank holiday with kids all wanting to go there, it was all fullybooked. Thanks God, we did it this year. My Akyn got so excited exploring the massive museum.

This is me starting the day right with my comfy chick OOTD.

Daddy duties captured well.

I’ve booked our tickets at 10:45 in the morning. The best thing about this trip was the FREE visit. No dime wasted to come here.

That’s Dippy the dinosaur. It took me several tries to get the perfect shot with the dimness of the room plus I’m not yet that familiar with my camera.

Glad to see my photo output capturing the beauty of the museum.

My cutest model through out the trip. He loves posing for a photo just like his Momma.

Souvenir shopping is my favorite. I got a new fridge magnet again. Bought two for our UK house and one for our home in the Philippines. I always buy more than one magnet so I could also decorate our house in Cebu. We’ve been doing lots of renovation to our house in Cebu. I might blog it once it’s done.

Before going for our lunch in Camden. We dropped here in Trafalgar square again just to take photos. Grab every opportunity for a photoshoot while you’re there lovelies.

Me and my little boy version of me.

Camden Market in London, a great place for eating and shopping, too.

His Huggy Wuggy plush toy, new obsession.

My addiction to bubble milktea while Akyn got his blue slush drink

Then went to London Eye because Akyn wanted to ride the carousel again and play in this nearby playground.

This lady shrugged her shoulders, flips her hair and says,”Do I look like I care?” LOL Almost everything in my OOTD was thrifted except for my pair of white trainers and my pair of HM sunglasses. Mix and match ladies. Dress well, pay less.

Sunny aftie Pretty Mommas.❤️

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