Newest Obsession, My Happy Bubble

A calm Wednesday morning for me to start writing for my blog again. Hello pretty Mommas. Hope everyone is slaying their day like how a gorgeous momma should do. 😘 We were playing a card game this morning during breakfast by giving each other a card of prayer suited to whoever will get it.

I gave Mon the card of work prayer as he is going to work from home today. For Akyn, he got the prayer of Wisdom before going to school and for me, Mon gave me the prayer for Forgiveness.

I asked him, “To forgive who?”

Then he said to me,”To everyone who had hurt you.”

Call me stubborn but this was my take with our morning activity. I don’t need the prayer card for Forgiveness because to be honest, I have given the forgiveness that wasn’t even asked from me. I forgive people but I don’t forget. I simply erase those hurt and the people themselves consciously. Like I don’t see their existence in this planet. They’re like unwanted ghosts wandering around waiting for their next host to spread their misery. I told him I don’t carry grudges because If I do, I should have been planting my greatest revenge against them but no. I am proud of myself for always chosing to walk away from chaos and to all sorts of their dramas. Horray to the matured me in dealing with adulting issues like this.

I appreciate Mon for always thinking about my emotional self keeping check if I am doing alright. I can guarantee I am 100 percent healed. Even my family in the Philippines can spot the difference. I’m so much happier now compared to the previous months. Life is so good and I’m keeping my perspective that way.

I’m thankful for meeting few close friends as well who were always there in every season of my life here in the UK. Kuya Marcelo and Ate Susan came to share the fruit of their labor from their garden. They never forget us in every blessing they have. Thank you both for restoring my faith in humanity.

I treasure those people who wants to be your friend because they love you for who you are and not because you are convenient to them for future benefit. User friendly should only be applicable to things but it’s now becoming a mainstream for human’s relationship. Sad! Let’s not be part of it. Keep your bond real!

Thank you Kuya and Ate for our potatoes. I’m excited to cook them for dinner.

Anyway, apart from my morning expression of my unspoken dramas, here’s my newest obsession for a Momma on rest day. I’m loving to make overnight oats and fruit smoothie for my breakfast when I’m at home. It’s healthy and super yummy, I guarantee. I like to use mangoes or strawberries as my fruit toppings. For my smoothie, my favorite is the milky avocado with oats and maple syrup added on it.

Ate Susan is my number one influencer for all these healthy diet new recipes to try. It comes so handy to drink while I’m updating my blog during my off.

A new hobby I’ve learned is using my electric sewing machine. I started making my own hair accessories. This is my first attempt to make an oversized scrunchie and many more to come. I bought new pieces of cloth yesterday to be used for my next week sewing project. I already knew how to make scrunchie so my next plan is to learn to sew my own pillow cases. I am soooo excited to try it my pretties.

My next attempt of scrunchie making using a fat quarter cloth. I’ve already made like 20 pieces of them. Obessed!

I got these gems yesterday while I’m on a hunt for new pieces of cloth for my DIY. got plenty of stationery bits on sale. I also usually buy my book from them. They are cheaper compared to other book stores and they got all my fave author’s books as well. CoHo fans be ready to go crazy shopping popping in the store!

I don’t normally wear perfume. I was curious to try on some perfume tester in the Beauty outlet yesterday and amazingly this one captures my liking. It ain’t one of the expensive ones but I like the scent so I bought it home with me.

This Momma is always thankful for even the tiniest bit of blessing I enjoy here. I’m too busy focusing my attention to counting my blessings and creating plans how to make use of them. I never allow someone to dull my sparkles as they say. Hope you do the same,too.

So, if an obnoxious weirdo comes into our path trying to ruin our happy bubble, our reaction should be, “WHO YOU MEN? AIN’T NO TIME FOR YOUR MISERY!”

  1. That overnight oats looks delicious.. while we love oats at home, haven’t tried overnight version yet.. And your finds are beautiful

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

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